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A Path to Inner Calm: The Remarkable Link Between Gut and Anxiety

At Lifestyle of Beauty, we know something about caring for yourself from the inside out. And let me tell you, your gut is the root of it all from intuition to good  health! 

A happy gut can get you out of a rut. 

    You see, our bodies are like finely tuned machines, and our gut is like the engine that keeps everything running smoothly. It's filled with trillions of little critters called bacteria, which play a mighty significant role in our health. 

Bacteria swimming around

When those critters are happy and in balance, it's like a symphony playing sweet music in the belly. But trouble can brew when things get out of whack, including the onset of anxiety. Now, you might be wondering, "How in the world does my gut have anything to do with anxiety? " Well, my lovely curious one, it's all connected. You see, our gut and brain are like old friends who like chatting and sharing secrets. They take care of each other by sending messages back and forth through a highway called the gut-brain axis, and it turns out that the bacteria in our gut can influence our moods and emotions. A study published in the journal "Nature Reviews Neuroscience" 2012 shed some light on the intricate connection between the gut and the brain. It highlighted that the gut is responsible for digesting food and regulates emotions and mood through the gut-brain axis.

Gut Brain connection

When our gut bacteria is out of balance, it can lead to inflammation and mess with those messages between the gut and brain. That's when anxiety can come creeping in the door. But the good news is, we can do something about it!

One way to help balance the gut microbiota is through diet. The importance of eating foods that feed those good bacteria can't be stressed enough. Things like fiber-rich fruits and veggies, yogurt with probiotics, and fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi can all help keep those critters happy.  A study conducted by McMaster University in 2017 found that regular consumption of probiotics (those friendly bacteria) could significantly reduce anxiety symptoms. Probiotics can help balance the gut microbiota and, in turn, influence emotional well-being. 


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Another way to show the gut some love is by managing stress. I know life can get mighty busy, but taking time for yourself, whether through meditation, deep breathing, self reflection or a good old-fashioned walk can help calm those nerves and keep the gut and brain talking in harmony. 


And remember to stay hydrated! Water is like a miracle elixir for the gut, helping those bacteria do their job right. I'm not a doctor, but I know that caring for your gut can go a long way in managing anxiety. So, if you're struggling with those worrying thoughts, it might be worth looking into gut health. 


It's all about acknowledging and nourishing your body from the inside out and keeping that gut-brain connection in harmony. So, take care of yourselves, be kind to one another, and remember, Lifestyle of Beauty is always rooting for you.  

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