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The Elizabeth Taylor Eyes Effect

The Elizabeth Taylor Eyes Effect

                                                Elizabeth Taylor Eyes

Elizabeth Taylor was one of Hollywood's most striking women. She had a fantastic ability to transform her appearance by using makeup, always focusing on her best feature- her eyes. Proving that enhancing one feature can have benefits. 


 Many are unaware that Elizabeth was born with a "genetic disorder" that gave her two sets of lashes!!  Is this a disorder or plain lucky?! 🍀


The actress, who made her film debut with 'Lassie Come Home' at the age of 10, created a sensation on the first day of the shoot.


According to J Randy Taraborelli's biography of Taylor, star of the film Roddy McDowall, then 13, recalled: "On her first day of filming, they took one look at her and said: 'Get that girl off the set she has too much eye make-up on, too much mascara.'

"So, they rushed her off the set and started rubbing at her eyes with a moist cloth to take the mascara off. Guess what? They learned that she had no mascara on. She has a double set of eyelashes. Now, who has double eyelashes except a girl who was absolutely born to be on the big screen?"   

   Elizabeth Taylor as a child

Through her career she had so much attention surrounding her eyes, she took advantage of the attention, and though Elizabeth Taylor was known to have violet eyes', She had blue eyes. While they often appeared purple, the truth is her eyes were neither purple, lavender nor violet. Her ever-changing eye color was often played up using makeup, clothing and even the color of earrings to bring out different hues of her eye color to keep things interesting-but her actual eye color was blue. 

Here are some of those stunning photos of Taylors different eye looks that I will definitely be trying. 🤩✨

Elizabeth Taylor Blue EyesElizabeth Taylor Violet Towel
Elizabeth Taylor hair up
Elizabeth Taylor Earrings
Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes

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