May The Inward and Outward Woman Be As One

May The Inward and Outward Woman Be As One

        General Rule:  Lightweight Products should go under heavy ones. 

Serum:    Serums will stick to dirt and dead skin. For maximum absorption, cleanse the face thoroughly and while skin is still damp, massage two peas size drops of your favorite serum over your face for 60 seconds.

Retinol cream:  In order to reduce irritation, wait 20 minutes after washing the face  before applying retinoids to the skin. Applying a retinoid cream on damp skin, will cause is to absorb faster, increasing the chances of redness and irritated skin.   Retinol, especially prescription retinol, will lose its effectiveness in sunlight. They should only be applied at night.  Less is more. Apply two pea size dabs over your face,  and one pea size amount on the neck and chest.

Moisturizer:  If you have noticeably dry skin, use a moisturizer twice a day; If you have oily skin, use it once a day, preferably at night. Pay close attention to the cheeks and area around the mouth as they  tend to be the driest.  To trap moisture on the surface, its best to apply moisturizer on damp skin.  Pat and massage for 60 seconds.  DON’T RUB!

Sunscreen:   To ensure full protection when applying sunscreen,   start with about a quarter size amount and apply on the outside of the face first near the hair and jawline and move inwards.

Eye Cream:   Apply a pea size amount of eye cream under the eyes and on the UPPER lid close to the brow bone, creams tends to travel at least an inch downward after applied,  so, if you apply directly to the lower lid or near the lash line, the cream will get into the eyes and could make them irritated or puffy.  Eye creams should always be applied with the ring finger as its the weakest finger.

Want to spice up your life? Want to avoid getting sick, and shed a couple of pounds while doing it?  Raid your rack!  (the one in your kitchen) 😂  and become a spice fairy; sprinkle the following  spices on everything from tea, coffee, fruits, meats, and pastas..... 

CUMIN:  Cumins anti-inflammatory properties improves memory and lowers stress.  

CINNAMON:  Not only does this tasty spice regulate blood sugar, but it also provides manganese, a mineral that helps maintain bone density.   

FENUGREEK:  Fenugreek is packed with fiber and does a great job at curbing your appetite. 

CLOVES:  A compound in ground cloves called eugenol  may soothe respiratory infections and an upset stomach.   

GINGER:  Ginger is great for post workouts. It contains gingerol, a natural anti-inflammatory that studies find reduce next day muscle pains AND ginger does a good job at easing period cramps and building up the immune system.  

Crushed Red Pepper: The capsaicin in crushed red pepper boost metabolism and when just 2 tbs of the spice is added to food; you'll eat fewer calories and fat throughout the day.     



TURMERIC:    Turmeric is truly a spice of life.  Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent churchmen has several health benefits including reducing depression.  

Every 28-45 days, skin cells renew themselves reveling fresher, brighter, younger looking skin.  However; as we age,  this process slows down and old cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin creating a dull, rough, and dry complexion. 👎

Even worse, dead skin cells start clogging pores leading to blemishes and acne. Not to mention, your $100 moisturizer will no longer penetrate through the skin.  Weekly exfoliation is VERY important to help rid the skin of cells that are not renewing fast enough.

There are a lot of different methods out there to exfoliate such as, cleansers, retinol creams, machines, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, etc. You'll want to choose a method depending on your skin type. 

Here is a video of what I like to do once or twice a week for fresher looking skin. This really works if you're consistent and have normal/dry skin. Those with severe hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc. may want to look into one of the dermatologist/esthetician performed procedures. 


About the product
Gently removes dirt and oil with nourishing exfoliation 
Feeds and restores cells, great for all skin types 
Stimulates new cell growth with chlorella growth factor
Brightens complexion
Vegan, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free and Cruelty Free , nonylphenol ethoxylate free, propylparaben-free
Eyeshadow palettes are a great way to be adventurous and try new bold colors and looks. 

Beware 👀  All eyeshadow palettes are NOT created equal 😕 

 When searching for an eyeshadow palette consider the following:  

Quantity of shades:  A palette can come with anywhere between 4 to 100 shades. A palette with a lot of shades doesn't necessarily mean a better deal. Make sure the colors are wearable and not just being used as "filler colors" 

Ophthalmologist tested: Especially if sensitive eyes are an issue, make sure anything going near the eye has been tested by an Ophthalmologist  and is hypoallergenic. 

Textures: Pressed eyeshadows are the most common type of shadow, because they blend easily without being too messy, but a good palette mixes up the textures. They may have a mix of frost to add brightness, especially in the inner rim of the eyes; shimmer which is great for blending harsh lines, matte textures are very smooth and not shiny. Matte finishes tend to last longer and are GREAT for mature skin. 

Cream eyeshadows work best as a base color for powder eye shadow. Neutral cream shades are great for a solid shade and brightening. 

Loose eyeshadows are often where you find the most color pigment, but can be messy and tricky to work with.

Pigment: The pigment on the shadows should be intense:   Test them on your skin. A good pigment will appear the same color on the skin as in the palette. 

  Highly Recommended Eyeshadow palettes 

Jane Iredale Naturally Glam Eye Shadow 
Highly pigmented mineral-based formula stays put without creasing and is safe for sensitive eyes.

Pacifica Beauty 10 Well Eye Shadow About the product
  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free
  • Colors Included: Nude, Sentimental, Touched, Rapture, Madly Deeply, Even Nuder, Vapid, Moonstruck, Roused, Lightness of Being
  • Highly pigmented mineral eyeshadows in a range of your new super wearable, favorite colors.
  • Coconut water infused
  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates and other ingredients you don't want on your skin