May the inward and outward woman be as one. May she stay grounded in fearless faith, surrounded in beauty, and always find the perfect red lipstick ๐Ÿ’‹

May the inward and outward woman be as one. May she stay grounded in fearless faith, surrounded in beauty, and always find the perfect red lipstick ๐Ÿ’‹


It’s hard to holiday shop on a good year, but the holidays this year look a little different for everyone. No longer are we able to gather with family and friends around the dining table or Christmas tree, rather we’re circulated in Zoom invites reminding our grandma that she’s on mute. Though the holidays may look different this year, the current circumstances give us an even bigger reason to celebrate. When formulating your holiday gift lists, make sure to include these ten gifts to make stay-at-home orders a little more bearable. 


1.   Subscription Box (FabFitFun, Bespoke Post, Glossybox etc.): subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving. Each month (or quarter, depending on the subscription) your recipient will receive a box full of goodies to help keep them afloat as they stay at home. 



 2.  Embroidery Kit: An embroidery kit is the perfect gift for the over-stressed “quarantiner.” Beginner embroidery kits include all tools and material you will need as well as patterns for you to work off of. 

3.  Jigsaw Puzzles: It’s no surprise that jigsaw puzzles have taken off since stay-at-home orders have been in place. These are perfect projects for one person or a whole family. Look for a personalized jigsaw puzzle for an even more meaningful gift. 

4.  Cozy Throw: There’s no better time to embrace the comfy life than during stay-at-home orders. Grab a comfy, oversized throw for the perfect gift to keep your loved one warm and toasty well after the holiday season. 


5.  Cocktail Gift Set: Cocktail gift sets are a fun gift for the aspiring mixologist in your life. These kits come with all the ingredients you may need to create the perfect cocktail from the comfort of your own home. You can find a variety of these kits at many major retail stores. 

6.  Kindle, or other e-reader: With everyone having more time on their hands than usual, Kindle’s or other e-readers are the perfect gift for the avid reader in your life. With hundreds of books at your fingertips, time will slip by faster than ever with one of these in their hands.

7.  Knife Block Set: What better time to perfect your cooking skills than when you’re stuck at home. A knife block set is perfect for a pro chef, or even an amateur cooker just getting started. 

8.  Espresso Machine: If staying at home is affecting your daily Starbuck’s run, you may consider gifting an espresso machine. There’s nothing quite like a warm cup of coffee in the morning and whomever you give this to will always have you to thank for that. 

9.  Bird House: Stay-at-home orders have caused everyone to become backyard experts. Help your loved ones get closer to the action with their very own birdhouse and turn their backyard into the perfect nature-watching space. 

10.               At home spa kit: at home spa kits have increased in popularity since stay-at-home orders were put into place. These kits make the perfect gift as they allow your loved one to take time for themselves to relax and unwind. 

4 Secret Ways to Save Big at Target


Fan of Target?! Check out these “secret” saving tricks to score big at your favorite superstore.  


1.   Start a registry 


Registries aren’t just for babies and weddings at Target. Target allows registries for all occasions, such as your birthday, new home, or a graduation.  If an item isn’t purchased from the registry by the end of the event date, Target will give you the remaining items on the list for 15% off.  



2.   Know when to shop 


Monday: Baby Items and electronics typically go on sale.


Tuesday: Prices on women’s clothing, home dรฉcor,  and household items get slashed. 


Wednesday:  Sale on health, and body products, men’s clothing, and toys.


Thursday: Save on houseware and shoes. YES PLEASE! ๐Ÿ’–


Friday: Discounts on cosmetics, jewelry and home improvement.  


3.  Download the Target app


Target's app gives its users access to exclusive deals on certain items in the store.  Target also lets you ‘Stack’ coupons. Meaning, you can use a Target and manufacture's  electronic and paper coupon on the same item. $$$$ 


4.  Keep an eye on clearance stickers. 

Target marks down items in two-week increments. The upper right hand corner is how much percentage you’ll get off, but if it ends in $.06 or .$08, Target is planning to reduce the price even lower in the next couple of weeks. 




For those ladies and gentlemen who love road trips and weekend getaways without a lot of luggage and toiletries, BUT still want a little luxury on the go, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 highly rated products that are luxurious, and so convenient, they can be carried in your pocket.


With over 100 ratings and 4.5 stars, the single use coconut sugar scrub cubes w/mango butter & shea butter is our number one pick. It’s ultra-hydrating and brightens by removing dry skin.   Results can be seen after one use.  LEARN MORE 


Number two on our list are the Burt's Bees hydrating sheet masks. These masks are infused with clary sage to instantly moisturize, balance pH, and improve the texture of your skin. Extracts from plants and flowers help to promote healthy skin and effectively keeps the skin hydrated, revitalized, and radiant. They are specially formulated to leave your skin feeling soft and supple. 99.0% natural origin ingredients, dermatologist tested and contain no parabens, phthalates or petrolatum.  One amazon customer swears by them saying,  

"When I win the lotto and tell my bankruptcy story, it will consist of me nonstop buying these sheet masks because when the end of the world happened, I could not be without them..."
                                            LEARN MORE 



Our next pick was selected for the 2013 CEW Eco Beauty Awards 

Say hello to fresh, clean, glowing skin. LA Fresh Oil- Free Face 'n' Hand Refresher wipes purify all skin types with a luscious blend of aloe, cucumber, papaya, pineapple, marshmallow, jojoba, and vitamin C & E These wipes instantly take away dirt and oil and with 50 wipes for 19.99 who wouldn’t have these on them at all times.  LEARN MORE



Don’t get caught with greasy roots. Cake Beauty; The Take Out Dry Shampoo, is our most convenient pick-Just DAB & GO: The blotting paper is as Easy as pie to use. Just like the ones for your face, simply press the sheet on areas of your head that need a refresh. Tousle & go. Voila, greasy hair is banished within seconds!   LEARN MORE


Our last, but certainly not least  pick will keep you protected from the sun with no trouble or added baggage.  

The Squeeze Pod Travel Facial Sunscreen Pods have a high spf of 28 and they are Fragrance Free, TSA ApprovedmMade with Premium Natural Ingredients - Best for Air Travel, Camping, Hiking & Golf  LEARN MORE


6 Ways to Stay Sane in an Unstable World


The world is demented right now. No question about it. A global pandemic combined with isolation can cause even the calmest person to stress out and feel stir-crazy. Below are six easy ideas to help you stay sane during this crazy time.  


1.  Dress up

There’s a lot of truth behind the saying “look good, feel good.”

Mood and clothing are interconnected, according to Carolyn Mair, a behavioral psychologist and the author of “The Psychology of Fashion.”


It’s time to change out of those pajamas and sweatpants, put on something fun, and try new looks that you've been curious about. It's also a great time to get creative- how about designing your own t-shirts, trying new bold makeup, hairstyles, and kitchen skincare?!  A lemon and sugar scrub works miracles; turning dry dull skin into luminous and smooth skin.  Home is a non-judgmental space. 


2. Leave the house


There is immense value in getting outdoors


11 Scientific Benefits of Being Outdoors



Favorite trail closed? Not sure where to go? Think of your front door your personal trailhead, and let your feet do the rest.



3.         Schedule Solitude

Sometimes you just need to be alone to give yourself room to think. Try taking turns with a family member to watch the kids and do something by yourself. You could go for a hike, sit out in the garden with a book, or run errands that have been on your to-do list for the last month. 



4.        Order out

On really stressful days, don’t even bother with cooking. Order a meal out for you and your family and leave the guilt behind. The occasional pizza or burger order will give you one less thing to do around the house, and the tasty food will be a comfort. 


5.         Start a journal

Writing is an incredibly cathartic activity. Use a daily journal to record all of your thoughts and feelings while also reflecting on things you’re grateful for.  Writing down your frustrations will relieve anxiety and self guilt. Journaling taps into  the subconscious and reminds us of all the good things about life.  “ In 2002, Pennebaker and Joshua Smyth of Syracuse University reported that writingabout emotions and stress boosted the immune systems of patients with chronic disease. Journaling has been shown to be associated with drops in depression, anxiety, and increases in positive mood, social engagement, and quality of close relationships.”



6.        Stop borrowing trouble and Pray

Stop borrowing trouble is a reminder not to worry needlessly about things you can’t control. During times of uncertainty, it’s easy to imagine the worst.  Instead, go within meditate and pray. Now is a wonderful time to get closer to your creator. I can't stress this enough. Seek and you will get answers. 


At five years old, Jonah Larson began an unusual hobby for a kid his age. The art of crocheting. 

 He loved it so much and became so good at it, he started an Instagram account called Jonah’s Hands where fans consistently flow in.  

He currently has over 245,000 followers and is set to publish a book called Hello, Crochet Friends!

Jonah says, he wants to use his gift to spread love and joy and finds comfort in the act of crocheting. “After a very hard, busy, chaotic day in this busy world with school,” he says, “It’s just nice to know that I can come home and crochet in my little corner of the house while sitting by the one I love most: my mom.”

It’s his mom, Jennifer, that gave him his first crochet tools and showed him a tutorial on Youtube.  

They were digging through an art supplies bag, when Jonah asked what the crochet hook was-  The rest is history. 

Jonah's mom doesn’t crochet herself, but creates posts on his Instagram and joins crochet Facebook groups on his behalf.

Larson donates a large portion of the profits he makes to Roots Ethiopia, the nonprofit that supports the orphanage he was adopted from.

“People wouldn’t think a little boy would love to crochet, but I love it.” 

"Joy knits us all together" 


Vera Wang, who has been praised over the years for her beautiful,  punctilious, gowns and wedding dresses is now being celebrated for her ageless looks.   

She is turning 71 next month, (YES, 71!!!) ๐Ÿคฏand the internet can't handle how good she looks from head to toe.  Instagram fans are begging her to spill her secrets in the comments, really focusing on how she got those abs.   Wang Responds: 

“Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail and not much sun.”



The love has spread over to twitter as well. “She looks great. What are you soaking your hands in? They look like baby hands lol,” former Miss USA Kara McCullough asked, to which Wang responded, “As of lately, hand sanitizer!;)”

Wang has stated in the past that she sticks to working out with weights and a clean diet — sashimi with brown rice is a staple — she also told the magazine she’s a “chip freak.”

“We have candy pantry, a cereal pantry, and a pantry for what I call ‘orange food,’” she explained. “Cheetos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, all kinds of chips.”


“When you have a passion for something then you tend not only to be better at it but you work harder at it too.” Vera Wang
Maybe it's all that passion? Whatever she's doing is working and keeping us motivated  ๐Ÿคฉ