May The Inward and Outward Woman Be As One

May The Inward and Outward Woman Be As One

        General Rule:  Lightweight Products should go under heavy ones. 

Serum:    Serums will stick to dirt and dead skin. For maximum absorption, cleanse the face thoroughly and while skin is still damp, massage two peas size drops of your favorite serum over your face for 60 seconds.

Retinol cream:  In order to reduce irritation, wait 20 minutes after washing the face  before applying retinoids to the skin. Applying a retinoid cream on damp skin, will cause is to absorb faster, increasing the chances of redness and irritated skin.   Retinol, especially prescription retinol, will lose its effectiveness in sunlight. They should only be applied at night.  Less is more. Apply two pea size dabs over your face,  and one pea size amount on the neck and chest.

Moisturizer:  If you have noticeably dry skin, use a moisturizer twice a day; If you have oily skin, use it once a day, preferably at night. Pay close attention to the cheeks and area around the mouth as they  tend to be the driest.  To trap moisture on the surface, its best to apply moisturizer on damp skin.  Pat and massage for 60 seconds.  DON’T RUB!

Sunscreen:   To ensure full protection when applying sunscreen,   start with about a quarter size amount and apply on the outside of the face first near the hair and jawline and move inwards.

Eye Cream:   Apply a pea size amount of eye cream under the eyes and on the UPPER lid close to the brow bone, creams tends to travel at least an inch downward after applied,  so, if you apply directly to the lower lid or near the lash line, the cream will get into the eyes and could make them irritated or puffy.  Eye creams should always be applied with the ring finger as its the weakest finger.

Want to spice up your life? Want to avoid getting sick, and shed a couple of pounds while doing it?  Raid your rack!  (the one in your kitchen) 😂  and become a spice fairy; sprinkle the following  spices on everything from tea, coffee, fruits, meats, and pastas..... 

CUMIN:  Cumins anti-inflammatory properties improves memory and lowers stress.  

CINNAMON:  Not only does this tasty spice regulate blood sugar, but it also provides manganese, a mineral that helps maintain bone density.   

FENUGREEK:  Fenugreek is packed with fiber and does a great job at curbing your appetite. 

CLOVES:  A compound in ground cloves called eugenol  may soothe respiratory infections and an upset stomach.   

GINGER:  Ginger is great for post workouts. It contains gingerol, a natural anti-inflammatory that studies find reduce next day muscle pains AND ginger does a good job at easing period cramps and building up the immune system.  

Crushed Red Pepper: The capsaicin in crushed red pepper boost metabolism and when just 2 tbs of the spice is added to food; you'll eat fewer calories and fat throughout the day.     



TURMERIC:    Turmeric is truly a spice of life.  Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent churchmen has several health benefits including reducing depression.  

Did you know that belly fat is one of the most harmful forms of fat??? 


 Belly fat is an indicator that your cortisol levels (the stress hormone that increases aging and all kinds of health problems) is way too high.  
Fortunately, a dedicated lifestyle change of moderate exercise (as simple as walking 10,000 steps a day) and eating the right foods will significantly lower cortisol levels. 

Here are 5 foods proven to help target belly fat and boost the immune system.  

1.  Grass-fed Beef  

Grass-fed beef has more levels of CLA ( A fatty acid shown to naturally stimulate weight loss)  than grain fed-beef and it’s super rich in fat burning Omega-3 fatty acid.

Beef it up baby!
2. Green and Black Tea

Thanks to its naturally occurring polyphenols and flavonoids, tea cuts cortisol levels in the blood and gives a sense of relaxation.  Drink tea before meals and you will eat less.

3. Avocado

Spread on the guacamole.  Avocado is loaded with monounsaturated fat that is proven to reduce inflammation that leads to belly fat.


Ohhhhh yea... Hello skinny jeans.

4. Full-fat dairy

Full fat dairy such as, yogurt and cheese are high in antioxidants, vitamins B2 and B12, as well as protein and calcium. The protein lactium has a calming effect by lowering blood pressure, while the potassium in milk can help relieve muscle spasms triggered by feeling tense.  A lot of low-fat dairy has nutrition pulled out and sugar added.


5. Kiwi

Who knew?! Kiwi contains a significant amount of omega 3’s and studies have shown that two kiwi fruits eaten an hour before bedtime may improve sleep quality and duration without the side effects associated with sleeping pills. 


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 With the help of   Help Us Gather, a Clearwater nonprofit that advocates for the social inclusion of people with disabilities, a young woman with down syndrome created her own custom accessory  line of headbands and hair clips and  with her entrepreneur spirit, she got them into a store.  Her tag line is, "I’ll make you so fabulous.”  and we believe she will  ❤ 

"Sparkles by Maxine"

Maxine Simeone told ABCaction news, she started making hair accessories when she was eight or nine.

A bead fell off a hairband. So she glued it back on. She drew some dresses, too. “For Lady Gaga and Beyonce!” she says.

She recently asked a shop owner in Clearwater, FL  if she could sell her creations inside -- and they said, “yes.” Now, you can find her accessories, under her brand, “Sparkles by Maxine,” at a Clearwater store called the Poolside, which is located in the Shoppes on Sand Key.
“I just have a special place in my heart for young people -- young people who have to struggle in live to make something of themselves and here we are helping her,” explained a representative from “Poolside. "It kind of gives me goosebumps. It makes me so proud to be able to give her this opportunity -- and she deserves it.”

Maxine's creations can also be found on ETSY       She would like to expand her brand, get in more stores, maybe even start a men’s line. Making people happy with “Sparkles by Maxine”  makes her day and she hopes it makes yours. 

Wearing your Sparkles by Maxine headband shows that you believe in the talent and value of people with disabilities. #Sparkles and social inclusion… it’s an eye-catching combo!

A Pennsylvania University study suggest that losing just 8% of your body weight (If you're overweight) can ease  depression often in as little as 14 weeks.  When you start to lose weight, your brain starts producing more of the feel good hormones.   Check out these 6 effortless ways to lose weight. 

1. Japanese studies and a study from Cornell University showed that enjoying one cup of raspberries a day could shed up to four pounds in 30 days. 

2.  Eating bites of food while preparing dinner causes you to eat 57% less calories at dinner. “Having a small snack before dinner shuts down hunger triggers to the brain and controls food cravings” - Brian Wansink Ph.D

3. Focus on what you're eating and try to avoid multitasking. Mindless eating causes you to eat up to 22% more calories. 

4.  According to Karen Van Proeye, Ph.D. Working out on an empty stomach produces a hormone that burns fat. If you tend to feel sick or weak, eat a small handful of nuts, an egg or a banana before you workout. The body will burn the food calories first, so make sure the snack isn't high in calories. 

5. Dimming the lights and playing soft music while you eat causes you to eat 22% less food. 

6. Use smaller  BLUE plates and  you'll eat 24% less and still feel satisfied. 

BONUS IDEA: List the top 5 reasons you want to lose weight and post it where you’ll see it everyday.