Beauty Is The Very Essence Of Who You Are—The Quality Of Thought About Yourself. When The Inner Beauty Is Brought Forth The Outer Image Only Joins Forces And The Two Spark Major Confidence! Lifestyle Of Beauty Helps You Discover Your Most Authentic Self By Connecting You To The Latest Personal Optimization Brands, Inspirational Lifestyle Of Beauty Stories, Services, And Products. We Give You The Tools To Smile More, Live More Beautifully And Feel Confident.

Beauty Is The Very Essence Of Who You Are—The Quality Of Thought About Yourself. When The Inner Beauty Is Brought Forth The Outer Image Only Joins Forces And The Two Spark Major Confidence! Lifestyle Of Beauty Helps You Discover Your Most Authentic Self By Connecting You To The Latest Personal Optimization Brands, Inspirational Lifestyle Of Beauty Stories, Services, And Products. We Give You The Tools To Smile More, Live More Beautifully And Feel Confident.

The  'Root' To Ravishingly Gorgeous Hair 

After proper nutrition, ensuring you are not depleted on B6, B12, and Folic Acid, the best way to safeguard your hair from falling out and other damage like split ends is correctly cleansing and balancing the scalp. 


The scalp is an integral part of the hair-growing process. It produces sebum, an oily substance that helps keep hair moisturized. Sebum aims to lubricate the hair follicle and prevent moisture loss from the scalp. Sebum helps prevent scalp infections and other problems like hair loss.

A healthy scalp is the root of beautiful hair!

There are different scalp types (oily, dry, sensitive, itchy, with dandruff...), but they all produce sebum at an average level. Both quantity and quality of sebum are essential for scalp health. An unhealthy scalp can be caused due to genetics, lifestyle, and over-washing of the hair; the scalp is affected and then produces too much sebum to protect itself, resulting in an oily scalp and dirty, greasy hair. Moreover, the overproduction of sebum triggers the over-proliferation of Malassezia species- 


Malassezia is a monophyletic genus of fungi found on the skin of 7 billion humans and associated with a variety of conditions, including dandruff, atopic eczema (AE)/and dermatitis, pityriasis Versicolor, seborrheic dermatitis, and folliculitis ([1], [2]; Figure 1). In immunocompromised hosts, Malassezia can also cause systemic infections. There are 14 currently recognized species of Malassezia, eight of which have been associated with humans, four of these commonly [3]. Malassezia spp. are Basidiomycetous fungi, as are most species of fungi readily seen on a walk through the forest.-National Library of Medicine 


Ouai Scalp Shampoo Detox

The reduction of sebum and lipid production can also happen, often related to a weakened barrier function. These trigger your hair and scalp to dry, leading to dandruff and an itchy head. This might also cause you to have redness and irritation around the scalp area. A dry scalp is more likely to experience hypersensitivity, tightness, and discomfort. Exposure to the sun and harsh conditions can amplify these effects. These scalp issues affect the hair cycle balance and directly affect hair like hair loss, thinning hair, etc.

OUAI best product for  Irritated Scalp

Perfect product for red burning scalp


Tips for Building Self Confidence Woman Hugging herself


Self Confidence doesn't need consistent validation. 

Self-confidence doesn’t happen overnight, but with an ACTIVE and constant reminder that you are amazing, the chances of becoming your most confident self-skyrockets! 

    First, you must cease negative thinking. (Easier said than done). We need to reach the subconscious where these beliefs are stored. Take a pause and ask yourself how much you truly believe about the thought. Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. with 10 being believing it A LOT. Now we need to get to the WHY of why you feel this way. Grab a pen and a journal. Each day for at least 10 minutes, Write at the top of your journal, why do I feel this way? Listen with no judgement. Usually, it's because of what someone else has said or has done to you-You are "drinking someone else's poison."  Listen to a self confidence building meditation while you write.  After you're done, write down positive attributes and talents and good habits you have and tape them where you can read them every single day. Keep reading and writing until your rating system is at a realistic number.   For example 3/10 

List of affirmations
 “There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them.” – Anthony de Mello


In her book A World Sold On Image: The Truth About Really Beauty Lisa D'Anna reminds us that no one really remembers us for being perfect and it is usually the "flaws"  that are adored by our friends and family.  There is a mismatch in the way we perceive our vulnerabilities and how others interpret them. Some "flaws" are actually alluring. In psychology this phenomenon is known as the "The Beautiful Mess Effect." 

Passage from A World Sold On Image by Lisa D'Anna



Jean Baptiste Jolly mistake that turned out into something great
Mistakes that turned into something amazing

 TRY NEW HOBBIES. Learning something new, especially a sport or activity(painting, surfing, golf or learning an instrument) that requires focus and skill is the easiest way to build confidence.  
• VOLUNTEER with a cause that touches your heart.  Making a positive difference in someone else's life makes you realize just how small your problems may be. 
 EXERCISE DAILY and get a hug! Both touch and exercise boosts endorphins, making you feel happier, reduces stress and with exercise, as you get fitter, you'll naturally feel stronger and more confident without even trying.  


Spring Into New Beginnings 

Spring New Beginnings. Spring Goddess With Birds GIF

  • New Beauty, Better Weather, Ring-a-ding-ding, Welcome to Spring! 

     Spring starts from March 20 and ends June 21st.  Spring is a time to celebrate new beginnings. Spring is when everything starts to come back to life-when the flowers are in full bloom, and we wake from our winter hibernation. 


    Cinderella spring with birds

Spring is a time for new beginnings.
REd flower in tilt shift lens

The word "spring" comes from an Old English meaning "to leap." People throughout history have celebrated spring as a time for renewal and rejuvenation of both body and mind. Spring is also associated with fertility and rebirth. These symbols of new beginnings are prevalent in many cultures around the world.

In many cultures, spring is celebrated with festivals that include singing, dancing, feasting, and other rituals that symbolize regeneration.

With that in mind, why not SPRING into something new. Create better habits. Become a better leader, per se. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started on your new journey to becoming a better version of YOU.  

"How you train is how you perform" I love this quote. It screams truth. To accomplish anything significant, one must give it their all. Think of all the great doctors, scientists, performers, and athletes. They all have something in common; they relentlessly try to improve their craft. Find that one thing you love most and give it your all.  

 Muhammad Ali Champion quote

Become a better communicator. In the world of social media, where you can blab off anything – we are becoming less articulate and self-absorbed. You see this in the new generation that are being raised by the internet. There isn’t a lot of respect or empathy. Believe it or not. A good communicator is one of the top skills to acquire for consistent success. When dealing with people remember people like to feel acknowledged and understood. Don't interrupt a person speaking to you no matter how bad the brain wants to jump in; it makes the person feel that what they're saying is unimportant. Make eye contact when speaking with someone, especially something serious. It singles that you are listening. Have the intention to listen. Most people listen to talk.

Awesome Communication Quote

Make new friends with someone who disagrees with you. "Be Curious, Not Judgmental" Instead of judging, ask questions. It is good to shake up our beliefs.  If we only surround ourselves with people who think the same way we do, we'll never be challenged.  Imagine if you still believed everything you did at five years old. 😂 You grew up because you learned from your surroundings, parents, and friends who had differing opinions. Your mom’s opinion of NOT picking your nose and eating it was a good one, right??? Right?? 🤢

 Difference of Opinion quote by Thomas Jefferson

Control your emotions. Wait at least 24 hours to respond if you are angry. A lot of the anger subsides. And you won’t regret saying something you really don’t mean. 

Dont mix bad mood with bad words quote

Start your day with prayer or meditation. Focus on what you are grateful for. It creates positive mental clarity before starting the day. Prioritize. Everything doesn't have to be done at once. Write a list of ONLY three priorities for the day.NOTE: ONE SHOULD ALWAYS BE YOUR HEALTH --Narrowing it down highlights what's most important to you and helps manages time efficiently. 

 Start your day with prayer quote

And lastly, but certainly not least --Take accountability; it gains respect, lessens conflict, and builds trust. Self-Pity is unattractive. We are hardwired to look at others when things go wrong. The blame game may work some of the time, but you’re sure to lose a lot of friends and respect. All good leaders ask themselves, what could you have done better in the situation? 

mastering yourself quote




 Step into spring with a head-to-toe chic blue monochrome  

The rich tone worn head- to- toe will enliven not only your wardrobe, but blue monochrome gives the skin a radiant glow and slims your silhouette—especially Cobalt and Powder Blue.  

2 Piece Outfits Casual Short Sleeve Crop Top and Pocketed Wide Leg Pants with Belt 2pcs Loungewear Sets

This Tennessee Teen Has Donated Thousands of Dollars to Local Food Bank Through His Vanilla Company

William Cabaniss, a 14-year-old boy, living in the suburbs of Dallas, has always had a passion for baking. He started baking at the age of 8 and has perfected his skills.

William is now well known for his brownies, which he makes in batches of 20 every Friday to sell over the weekend. 

Young boy making cupcakes for his friends to raise money for food banks

His brownies are so famous that he started to think about opening a small bakery.  


That was until the day he learned about people going hungry. He was in the kitchen baking when and overheard the news of long lines of people at food banks around the country, a problem that had already plagued many communities and was made even direr by the pandemic.  'This isn't right. The Knoxville, Tennessee, teen's heart echoed that no one should go hungry. William couldn't stop thinking about the news report he had heard. 


 His mom explained that not everyone had enough food for various reasons out of their control, William's eyes filled with sadness. 


And as he poured vanilla extract into his brownie batter, an idea hit. He had heard that many people were spending more time cooking and baking from scratch, and he wanted to use his skills in this area to help people who were struggling with food insecurity. 

He knew vanilla extract was a crucial ingredient in many dessert recipes and had a long shelf life. He thought, what if I could make my vanilla extract and sell it to help raise money for those in need?  "That's a great idea," his parents agreed. William began researching how to make vanilla extract, and after many trials, he perfected his recipe, using premium Madagascar vanilla beans. 

Cutting Vanilla Beans

 He designed a website (VanillaFeedsTomorrow.com) and logo and found a shipping method and the perfect bottle. In May 2020, William launched his nonprofit, and Vanilla Feeds Tomorrow took off. Each 8-oz. bottle sells for $30, which is enough to provide 42 meals. All proceeds go to the Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee, which supports several food pantries, organizations, and families within 18 local counties. Today, thanks to the generosity of people nationwide, the 15-year-old has donated over $140,000 to Second Harvest Food Bank.

William holding his vanilla extract promoting his non profit

Lifestyle of Beauty's Favorite Coffee Table Books: And Why Coffee Table Books Are a Thing

I am a HUGE fan of coffee table books. 

 A coffee table book not only makes a room look more aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides a great conversation starter for guests, which will help them feel more comfortable and welcomed.  They are the best ice breakers. 

According to Paul Harris, Ph.D., an environmental psychologist and professor of psychology at Florida’s Rollins College, “Identity display is the primary motivation for strategically displaying books.” The thought process you have while choosing a bumper sticker, tattoo, or poster is the same one you use when selecting a coffee table book. You’re likely to go with a book that reflects a part of who you are, revealing something about your personality, interests, or what you value.

“Much of home decoration serves identity functions, particularly personalization in areas like the living room where guests are most likely to be entertained,” says Harris. “We know that others judge us based on our surroundings and we attempt to shape those judgments when decorating our homes.”

Coffee table books are not usually read from cover to cover like most books. Instead, they are flipped through casually and enjoyed as artistic home decor. They typically contain high-quality photography that captures the beauty of great artists, natural landscapes, architecture, celebrities, fashion models, or personalized travel coffee books are my favorite. 

The best coffee table books are the ones that express a little about your personality, they are unique and different from anything else on your bookshelf. They should have high-quality photographs that make you want to spend hours looking at them, not just minutes. The book should be a hardcover, and its pages should be thick enough not to tear so easily if someone spills something on them or drops them on the floor.

Some stunning and popular coffee table books include: 

Fashion Designers A-Z. 40th Ed.


From Azzedine Alaïa and Coco Chanel to Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent, celebrate over a century's worth of fashion greats. This updated edition features photographs of hundreds of garments selected from the permanent collection of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, distilling the unique philosophy and aesthetics of each featured designer.

Fashion Designers A-Z Coffee Table Book

Annie Leibovitz. The Early Years. 1970


Annie Leibovitz began working as a photographer in the early 1970s, which was a volatile and frenetic time in America. The lines had yet to be drawn between journalists and the people they covered, so she had access that would now be considered unusual. This unique collection provides a vivid account both of Leibovitz's development as an artist and of a pivotal era.

Photography Book Early Years Annie

Basilius Besler. Florilegium. The Book of Plants


In 367 exquisite plates, this treasure of botanical literature records the flowers of the palatial grounds at Eichstätt, Bavaria, once some of the most beautiful gardens in history. The illustrations are organized by season and, following the classification system used today, show plants belonging to a total of 90 families and covering 340 genera. 

Classic The Book of Plants


Redouté. The Book of Flowers. 40th Ed.


Meet "the Raphael of flowers," Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Adapted from our best-selling XL edition, this book gathers some of the finest engravings from his masterful volumes Roses, Lilies, and Selection of the Most Beautiful Blooms and Branches with the Finest Fruits. The dazzling images transport us back to the magnificent greenhouses and gardens of a bygone Paris.

Parisian Book of Flowers Classic 

Fritz Kahn. Infographics Pioneer

Graphic Design 

Natural science buffs, graphics professionals, and anyone interested in the visual expression of ideas will be fascinated by this tribute to Fritz Kahn, the German infographics pioneer who excelled in the demystification of complex scientific ideas and whose inspired creative concepts have influenced generations of artists and communicators through to today.


Fritz Kahn graphic design coffee table book

The Polaroid Book. 40th Ed.


The unique tones and spontaneity of Polaroids have made them a beloved photographic format for decades. Brimming with all the warmth and nostalgia of a family album, this ode to the instant camera presents hundreds of images from the Polaroid Corporation's own collection. A chronicle of the experimental and innovative ways Polaroids have defied the digital age.

History fo Polaroid Coffee Table Book



Discover the artist who put soup cans in MoMA and movie stars in the Met. This introduction to Andy Warhol presents his prolific and radical oeuvre and its relentless interrogation of consumerism, materialism, and the role of the artist. The title includes more than 100 images of Warhol's work in top-quality reproductions that retain all the originals' pop.

Warhol Coffee Table Book

Lifestyle of Beauty's 'Fun and Spunky' Street Style Picks Shot by Fashion Photographer Phil Oh, That Really Captures Personality! 🤠🤩✨❤️ 

1. Vibe: Cat Woman 😻Super-Power: Killing Them With Style/Fashion... MEOW! 
Paris Fashion Week Phil Oh's Photographs

2.  Vibe: Gwen Stefani "The ShHH..&^T Is Bananas! B*A*N*A*N*A*S" 🍌
Paris Fashion Week Wearing Sport Jersey that says Vuitton

3. Vibe: Flower Child! 💐🌼🌻 Cover Me in Sunshine Baby!!!! Wooo!!! 🌞
Paris Fashion week 70s Flower Child Vibe

4. Vibe: Whimsical/ "I Don't Do Fashion. I Am Fashion" 😎
Green Pants Suit With lavender sheer shirt Paris Fashion Week

5. Vibe- Outside Of The Box.  "I May or May Not Be Friends With Elon Musk" 🚀
Man in Vibrant Space Looking Jacket at Paris Fashion Week

6.  Forever Undecided, But I Love Sports ⚽️🏈🤩
Funky and Fun Outfit Flowers and Sports Team

7. Vibe- Rocking-Rodeo 🎸 🤠🐴
CowGirl Meets Rock and Roll Fashion

8. Have Been And Always Will Be "A BEAR" (JK... It Was Cold Outside.)🐻
Wearing A Bear looking Sweater

9. There Is Beauty Everywhere. 💖🤩
Holding a beautiful colored woven bag that matches dress

10. Care Bear Stare ❤️🌈
Bright Colorful Shorts Onesie Outfits

Pantone Color of The Year


The Pantone Color of the Year is a color chosen annually by Pantone to represent the year's most influential colors. It has been a trend for companies to use these colors in their marketing campaigns and products in recent years.  The color represents the feeling that the year should provoke. 



In 2017, Pantone chose two colors: Greenery and Serenity. Greenery symbolizes "the reconnection we seek with nature," while Serenity "captures the mental calm that comes with finding order in our lives." In 2018, they chose purple-red Radiant Orchid as the year's color.

In 2019, they chose Living Coral as their 2020 Color of the Year. The color is described as "an energizing and optimistic tone that evokes feelings of warmth and comfort."


For 2022 The color is 'VERY PERI,' a periwinkle hue with warm violet-red undertones. This is a great color choice as we spend more time in the home. 


Pantone 2022 Color of the year periwinkle

"Very Peri Injects a sense of playful freshness and joy into the home interiors-it's a versatile shade that enlivens any space."- Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Institute. 



According to color therapists, being around Periwinkle hues spark creativity and focus. A great idea is to put 'Very Peri' colors in your home office of creative nook areas. Anywhere you need to focus or come up with an idea.

A full room of Periwinkle would be a little overwhelming but having small accents around the home has been shown to help with focus and creativity. Here are a few of Lifestyle of Beauty's Periwinkle accent picks for the home. 

Periwinkle accent rug,

Periwinkle sheets color of the year

Periwinkle super cute succulent plant set

real looking succulent set

Wearing clothes that fit just right and finding a piece that fits our personality perfectly can help us feel a little more confident and it lets others know a little bit about who we are and what we enjoy. 🤩✨That’s the main reason Statement T-shirts Never go out of style. Be Cool White Tshirt

Mandalorian Tshirt
And think for a minute about the feeling you get when you wear a perfectly fitted dress that hugs all the right curves!  It really does put a pep in our step.  That dress brings out sparks of confidence that were latent and dying to come out. We walk with a little more sass. 


Lady in a perfectly fitted maxi dressThe perfect business attire- blazer or tie can make us feel more powerful. 

The perfect tie

According to a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science and printed in Readers Digest: "The "power tie" is real. Researchers had certain people wear formal business attire and complete a series of five experiments that challenged their cognitive processing abilities. Those dressed up felt significantly more powerful and in control of the situation than their under-dressed peers."

Perfect Business attire

 In addition to feeling more powerful, the study also found that subjects dressed in formal business clothing could think faster on their feet and had more creative ideas. The scientists speculated that how you dress can change your perception of the objects, people, and events around you—sparking fresh ideas and a new point of view.


It's a phenomenon psychologists call "enclothed cognition" — the idea that our clothing choices can impact our mood, self-image, and even our performance. This is something Sydney-based image consultant Louise Bernardi sees every day in her work to help people find their authentic style and express themselves through dress. 

"Clothing has a powerful effect on our feelings," she says. "When we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we gain confidence. Confidence unleashes our inner strength and abilities. I truly believe the most important thing when getting dressed is to choose clothes that make us feel great." 

🚨Buttttttttttt...... make sure when you're trying on those outfits, it's dressing up your higher most confident self and not the imitation of someone else.🚨

Wearing "knock offs" to imitate others can change our behavior. 

According to a Harvard study published in Psychological Science, there may be a sneaky side effect of wearing knockoffs. Researchers gave people fancy new sunglasses, telling half of a group they were designers while the other half was told they were counterfeit. Those wearing the knockoffs were more likely to cheat during a subsequent game and expressed more suspicion of other players. Wearing fake clothing, it turns out, may make you feel like a fake—and may make you assume others are also being fake.

Fashion is often dismissed as something that is made for runways and models, but there is something deeper to the connection between how we dress, act, and feel. Our clothes are a second skin and tells the world a little about us. 

 In her book, The Psychology of Fashion  Carolyn Mair does an amazing job of helping us discover finding authentic style. and explaining the psychology behind what we choose to wear. It explores the hidden meanings behind our clothing to reveal the many aspects of our personality.

“When we are choosing which item to wear, what our clothes look like is barely scratching the surface. It’s more complex than it appears to be. And one of the reasons is that human beings are different. There really isn’t a one size fits all.”  

What does your outfit say about you? 

The Psychology of Fashion