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Lifestyle of Beauty: Ancient Lipstick Unearthed in Iran

Attention all makeup enthusiasts and history buffs! Get ready for a glamorous and unexpected trip back in time. Recently, archaeologists in Iran have made an exciting discovery - a tube of lipstick that is not just vintage but practically ancient!  


Estimated to be over 4,000 years old. This discovery has officially become the oldest known cosmetic artifact in the world, proving that our ancestors were no strangers to a touch of glam. Cleopatra, move over!

Ancient Red lipstick found in Iran

The discovery of an ancient lipstick is fascinating because it was not just any lipstick, but a bright red shade. This makes it a timeless piece of elegance. According to the researchers, the lipstick was made by crushing gemstones, mixing pigments, and incorporating ancient secrets that were passed down through generations.

Different color minerals

This ancient lipstick is not just a makeup relic. It also provides insights into the cultural practices of the time. In ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iran), cosmetics played a significant role in self-expression and societal norms. Looking youthful and glamorous has always been a universal language- however, the vibrant red lipstick wasn't just for looks; it likely held cultural and spiritual significance. Ancient texts suggest cosmetics were often associated with rituals, protection, and even connections to the divine. Who knew your favorite red lipstick could have such a rich history? 💄


Experts are now meticulously analyzing the lipstick to unlock the secrets of its creation. From the ingredients used to the techniques employed, this red lip relic promises to reveal a chapter in the history of cosmetics that we never knew existed.


As we marvel at this ancient cosmetic time capsule, it's worth noting the enduring power of cosmetic rituals. Thousands of years later, we still use lipstick to express ourselves and make our mark on the world and transcends time.


As you reach for your favorite lipstick today, remember you're part of a tradition that dates back millennia. Happy glamming!

 Love Lights Up Kansas City: Heartfelt Messages Spark Joy and Support for the Arts  

Lifestyle of BeautyLove Lights up the night artist

Love spreads across Kansas City, and not just because Valentine's Day is around the corner. A heartwarming public art project brings joy and love to a one mile stretch between the Englewood neighborhood and Independence Square. The secret ingredient? Heart-shaped messages of love decorate light poles, creating a visual symphony of affection that uplifts spirits and supports the performing arts in this bustling suburb. Each heart carries a unique expression of love, ranging from sweet messages to uplifting quotes and vibrant artwork. It's a love trail that lights up the night and ignites a sense of unity and community spirit.

Decorating hearts on a light-pole

The Love Trail project is a creation of local artists and community organizers. Its main aim is to spread positivity and love among residents and visitors. The idea behind the project was to bring people together and support the performing arts industry, which has faced several challenges in recent times. In a unique partnership with the community, a portion of the funds raised through the Love Trail project will be directed toward supporting theaters, dance groups, and music ensembles navigating a challenging landscape.

Spreading Love, Sparking Creativity

Anchor Love project lifestyle of beauty

The Love Trail is more than just a way to express love. It has become a canvas for local artists to showcase their creativity, resulting in a vibrant display that captivates onlookers and brings a sense of wonder to the community. Residents have transformed the Love Trail into a collaborative masterpiece filled with heartwarming messages that inspire and uplift all who pass by. It celebrates community engagement. Residents have come together to organize events, including themed walks, poetry readings, and live performances along the trail. It's a testament to the power of art in fostering connections and building a stronger, more tightly knit community.

🌹Rose Equals Love, But Why?🌹

When you think of roses, you can't help but think of love and passion, but have you ever wondered, why the association? 

Man Holding Roses

The tradition of using flowers to communicate dates to the late 17th century. At that time, an art called the "language of flowers" was practiced. The idea was to convey messages and emotions using flowers instead of words. This art originated in Sweden and soon spread throughout Europe. As a result, a list of flowers and their meanings was widely distributed. Several famous authors also published books on using flowers to communicate. One renowned author who published a book on using flowers to communicate was Charlotte de Latour. Her book, "Le Langage des Fleurs" (The Language of Flowers), was published in 1819 and became very popular.

"Le Langage des Fleurs" (The Language of Flowers)

In the fascinating world of Greek mythology, the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, is said to have created one of the most beloved flowers of all time - the rose. Legend has it that after the tragic death of her lover, Adonis, Aphrodite wept, and her tears mixed with his blood, giving birth to the rose. Over time, the Romans adopted Aphrodite as their goddess Venus, and with her, she also took on the rose as a symbol of love and beauty. Today, the rose remains a timeless and cherished flower, adored for its delicate petals and enchanting fragrance.

Aphrodite story
Aphrodite love story

The rose has been an essential symbol in the Christian religion for centuries. It is often associated with the Virgin Mary and is known to represent her purity and love. According to Christian folklore, when the apostles visited Mary's tomb, they found it covered in roses, which is believed to be a sign of her ongoing presence and protection.

Virgin Mary Roses

Over time, the rose has become a universal symbol of love and affection, widely used to express the depth of one's emotions. It is often given as a gift on special occasions, such as Valentine's Day, weddings, and anniversaries, to convey a message of love, appreciation, and admiration.


The meaning of a rose can also vary depending on its color. Red roses, for instance, are commonly associated with romantic love, while pink roses are often used to express admiration, gratitude, and appreciation. White roses, on the other hand, are usually associated with innocence and purity and are commonly used in weddings and other religious ceremonies.


The rose is a flower with a rich history and a deep meaning. It has become a universal symbol of love and affection and is widely appreciated for its beauty, fragrance, and versatility.

How to Make Your Bronzer Look More Natural to Enhance Your Features 

Bronzer is a popular beauty product, but it is often misused. Many women use too much of it while attempting to contour their faces, which can result in an unflattering look. It is important to remember that the purpose of bronzer is to enhance your natural features, not to completely change them. Instead of creating dramatic changes, aim for a subtle look that will create the illusion of high cheekbones. 

N🚫 N🚫 N🚫  

Lindsay Lohan Horrible Bronzer

          YES ✔YES ✔ YES

Eva Mendes great bronzer natural bronzer look

If you want to achieve a naturally contoured look with bronzer, follow these simple tips:

 ✨Choose a bronzer no more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

 ✨For a natural-looking tan, choose golden brown bronzers with a hint of red or orange.


✨ Pressed powders are the best option for creating an authentic effect, but stains can also give a super-natural glow to the whole face.

Victoria Secret Model Bronzer

✨ If it shimmers, it will shine! Avoid shimmery bronzers at all costs. They will make skin look oily. A natural tan doesn’t sparkle, and a faux one shouldn’t either.

Oily Bronzer look bronzers to avoid
Shimmery Bronzer Effect

 ðŸ”º "Less is more" is a good rule of thumb when applying bronzer. To avoid overdoing it, tap a medium-sized blush brush on a napkin after swirling it over the bronzer. For a natural look, apply bronzer to the areas where the sun would naturally hit the face, such as the temples, nose bridge, jawline, and chin tip. Additionally, remember to apply some bronzer to the neck to prevent a two-tone appearance.🔺

Full Bronzed Look The correct way to apply bronzer
Subtle Bronzed look How to make bronzer look natural

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Lifestyle of Beauty bronzer picks

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Does The Perfect Face Shape Really Exist? 

Face mask that shows perfect face

Research has discovered symmetry is a determining factor in an individual's physical appeal. An evenly balanced face is thought to reflect sound reproductive health and strong genes. During the developmental stage, if genetics are healthy, the face's left and right sides will be perfectly aligned. This balance communicates to others that one has inherited healthy genes. 
On the other hand, if external factors such as malnourishment or minor infections disrupt the developmental process, slight asymmetry may result. This asymmetry may indicate to the world that one has inherited imperfect genes.
"It makes sense to use symmetry variation in mate choice," says evolutionary biologist Randy Thornhill of the University of New Mexico.
"If you choose a perfectly symmetrical partner and reproduce with them, your offspring will have a better chance of being symmetric and able to deal with perturbations." 
Thornhill and many others have also conducted computerized studies that manipulate asymmetrical faces into more symmetrical ones. Both men and women consistently rate the symmetrical faces as being more attractive.
The golden ratio is a mathematical formula used to describe a human face's ideal proportions. This formula presents a two-dimensional visualization of the face, with a ratio of 1:1.618, representing the perfect balance between different facial features such as the distance between the eyes, the nose size, and the lips' shape. This formula has been studied by scientists and artists alike, as it is believed to represent the most aesthetically pleasing facial symmetry. 
 Dr. Stephen R. Marquardt developed a mask using a ratio to help people determine how closely their face aligns with the ideal proportion. However, it's important to note that striving for 100% symmetry or proportionality may be unrealistic and desirable. Our differences and imperfections make us who we are and add character to our appearance. So, please don't take this too seriously and embrace your unique features. 

Playing with symmetry has helped me find and enhance features I never noticed before.  



The perfect face shape Charlize Theron

There are a lot of makeup tricks to create a more symmetrical look or mimic the oval shape face. 

If you’re a round face beauty (Drew Barrymore), highlight areas to add length to the face. In this photo, Drew used a highlighting powder and highlighted the areas just above the cheeks and the areas just below the eyes. The highlights draw attention to the inside components of her face making it look more oval.  

                             Drew Barrymore Round Face Shape

Square Face (Megan Fox) To minimize the width of the face, avoid applying blush in an outward manner, apply blush in the center of the cheekbones in a circular motion, and focus on playing up the eyes to draw attention away from the mouth and chin. 

Megan fox square face shape

Heart-shaped face (Jennifer Love Hewitt) Focus more on the lips and avoid too much blush. Cheeks on a heart shape face are most likely already prominent. To soften the lower half of the face, add a little contouring powder to the apples of the cheeks and highlight the chin and jawline with a highlighting powder.

Long (Sarah Jessica Parker) to shorten the face add bronzer a shade darker than normal skin color to the chin and blush just at the apples of the cheeks and play up the eyes to draw attention upwards.           

Salon Color At Home 

Dyeing hair at home

You can color your hair at home and save money instead of going to an expensive salon. Follow these simple tips to get salon-quality hair at a fraction of the cost.

1. When selecting a hair dye from the store, choose a color that is two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. If you want a significant change, such as going from black hair to golden blonde, it's best to consult a stylist and then maintain the color at home. 

2) To prepare your hair for coloring, do a deep conditioning treatment and avoid washing it for three to four days. Dirty hair that is well-conditioned can absorb color better, and the natural oils protect it from damage.

3) Use a shower cap and a blow dryer to apply heat, which speeds up the coloring process and lightens the hair.

4) When coloring your hair for the first time, saturate it and leave the dye on until you achieve the desired color. You may need to use multiple boxes. For touch-ups, apply the hair dye to the roots first. Set a timer for five to ten minutes before the developing time, add a tablespoon of shampoo to the hair dye, then apply it to the rest of the hair and leave it on for the last five to ten minutes. The added shampoo will protect the color, add shine, boost color, and prevent over-processing.

5) Keep in mind that not all hair dyes are equal. Do some research and read reviews from people with similar hair types as yours. For instance, if you have an oily scalp and dry ends, Clairol might work fantastic for you. 

Check out the video for more information, and GOOD LUCK!