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How To Wear A Scarf For Your Body Type

The Best Scarf For Your Body Type 

There's only one good thing about cold weather... Cute scarves! Nothing elevates winter attire like a chic scarf but, don't throw on any scarf. A scarf worn the wrong way can foreshorten the body and make it look bigger or squarer than it is.

  Here are some great tips on how to wear a scarf for YOUR body shape. 

Different Body Types

Hourglass Shape: 

Lucky, lucky girl! The hourglass shape is the most coveted form a woman can possess! The bust and hip size are the same, and the waist is small.

Kim Kardashian hourglass shape and scarf

The way the scarf is tied around the neck on an hourglass shape isn't important. What is important is that the scarf is worn long and hangright by the hips. This will elongate the figure and draw attention to their tiny waist and nice hips. If the scarf hangs lower than the hips, attention gets taken away from these fantastic features.  


If the look is more of a fashion statement, one way to accentuate all those curves is by tying a scarf around the waist. It makes the waist look smaller and accents the chest area. Sexy. Sexy.  As they say, if you have it, flaunt it.              

Anne Hathaway with a scarf around her neck


Spoon Shape- (Pear) 

Shakira in thick scarf

Spoon shapes tend to be smaller at the top with a 'curvaceous' bottom. A spoon type needs to draw attention upwards. This can be achieved by keeping scarves on the shoulders or tied vertically with the top of the scarf thick and chunky. The scarf should hang around the midsection (right before the hips); this will give the illusion of a bigger chest, which will balance the top and bottom parts of the body. 


Rhianna spoon shape thick scarf around neck

Rectangular Shape- 

( athletic/lean body ) This build tends to be fairly straight up and down.  

 Kate Moss wearing a scarf for her body typeKate Moss in red scarf

Avoid wearing scarves that are too long and past the hips. Doing so will elongate the body creating a more boyish figure. Rectangular shapes look best in a scarf that is thick near the neck and falls on the chest. The scarf should be embellished or bright. The patterns and bright colors create the illusion of a bigger chest and highlight the face. 


Triangular Shape- 

This shape tends to be top-heavy with a smaller waist and hips. Choose scarves with wide ends, long, and fall past the hips. This type of scarf will draw attention away from the top of you and create a more hourglass look.


Angelina Jolie in scarf with kid in tow

Jessica Simpson in scarf

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