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Does The Perfect Face Shape Really Exist? 

Face mask that shows perfect face

Typical love story: Your looks caught my attention, but your personality stole my heart. 

The saying goes, "It's beauty that captures the attention; personality which captures the heart. "Yes, I couldn't agree more. It makes sense. For someone to want to get to know that sexy character, you must first capture their attention… So, how exactly do you do that? 



According to scientific studies, symmetry plays the most significant part in how attractive a person is. Scientists believe that a symmetrical face indicates good reproductive health and genes. 


If genes are 100% healthy during developmental stages, your left and right sides will be perfectly symmetrical, with complete mirror images of each other. A symmetrical face conveys to the world you've had healthy genes passed on to you. However, suppose outside factors skew symmetry, such as a minor infection or malnourishment. In that case, this causes minor imperfections during development, creating asymmetry, which conveys to the world, you've inherited defective genes.


"It makes sense to use symmetry variation in mate choice," says evolutionary biologist Randy Thornhill of the University of New Mexico.


"If you choose a perfectly symmetrical partner and reproduce with them, your offspring will have a better chance of being symmetric and able to deal with perturbations." 


Thornhill and many others have also conducted numerous computerized studies that manipulate asymmetrical faces into more symmetrical ones. Both men and women consistently rate the symmetrical faces as being more attractive.


There is even a mathematical formula that depicts how the perfect face should look. It's called the golden ratio. The ratio is a two-dimensional visualization of the human face (1:1.618) 


Dr. Stephen R. Marquardt created a mask based on the ratio for people to see how they match up to the ratio. But before you try to decipher this calculation or run to your nearest plastic surgeon office because your face isn't in perfect alignment to the mask, it should be known, most people aren't going to be 100% symmetrical, and realistically 100% proportional can make you look worse and boring. We are creatures of expression, and it is our slight imperfections that make us who we are. Please don't take it too seriously. 

Have fun with it. 

Playing with symmetry has helped me find and enhance features I never noticed before.  



The perfect face shape Charlize Theron

There are a lot of makeup tricks to create a more symmetrical look or mimic the oval shape face. 

If you’re a round face beauty (Drew Barrymore), highlight areas to add length to the face. In this photo, Drew used a highlighting powder and highlighted the areas just above the cheeks and the areas just below the eyes. The highlights draw attention to the inside components of her face making it look more oval.  

                             Drew Barrymore Round Face Shape

Square Face (Megan Fox) To minimize the width of the face, avoid applying blush in an outward manner, apply blush in the center of the cheekbones in a circular motion, and focus on playing up the eyes to draw attention away from the mouth and chin. 

Megan fox square face shape

Heart-shaped face (Jennifer Love Hewitt) Focus more on the lips and avoid too much blush. Cheeks on a heart shape face are most likely already prominent. To soften the lower half of the face, add a little contouring powder to the apples of the cheeks and highlight the chin and jawline with a highlighting powder.

Long (Sarah Jessica Parker) to shorten the face add bronzer a shade darker than normal skin color to the chin and blush just at the apples of the cheeks and play up the eyes to draw attention upwards.