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The Spirit of The Irish: St Patricks Day ☘️

The Spirit of The Irish: St Patricks Day ☘️

Saint Patrick

St. Patrick's Day is named after Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. 

St. Patrick was a Christian missionary who is said to have converted the people of Ireland to Christianity during the 5th century. He was also known for using the three-leafed shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish people.

 In Irish Folk Lore it is said that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland during a 40-day fast he took on top of a hill. 

St Patrick running out snakes

Today, the holiday not only celebrates Saint Patrick, but it has become a mega celebration of the spirit of Irish culture and heritage. The first St. Patrick's Day parade is said to have taken place in New York City in 1762, organized by Irish soldiers in the British Army. As Irish immigration to America increased throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the holiday evolved into the celebration of Irish pride that we observe today. 

Believe it or not, there was a time wearing green was not allowed in Ireland and could get you killed-which is why the color is so important now to the Irish Culture. Green symbolizes 'United Irishmen'  In Ireland, the holiday is still considered a religious observance. 

No matter how you plan to celebrate the most important thing to remember is St Patrick's spirit of humility and compassion towards others including those who disagreed with his beliefs. Be Kind, have fun, and may all the luck in the world be with you. XX

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