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No Time For Exercise Is A Myth

No Time For Exercise

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It's often confusing to know what loving yourself truly means when being scary thin or super overweight for your body dimensions is being celebrated, promoted and gets called self-love, which is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of self-love. Truly loving your self is finding a healthy weight for your body type and staying active.  We must be honest with ourselves to have a healthy body weight. Gaining or losing too much can both have adverse effects on our bodies and extreme negative effects on our health. The reasons for losing or gaining weight can vary, including metabolism, hormones, dietary issues, etc. It would be best to investigate the underlying cause before taking any other step. There is not a one size fit approach. However, one factor that should be noticed for everyone is a lack of exercise - it plays a crucial role in maintaining balance in every part of your body.  And YES! You do have time to exercise. Even 10 minutes a day has been shown to increase health benefits. 

Everyone is different, but finding the right exercise plan can help ensure you succeed in keeping your weight stable. You can tailor-fit your exercise routine to suit your lifestyle so that it becomes a part of your natural routine. This is important because if the workout doesn't fit into your life, you are more likely to give up over time. Take the time out for yourself and prioritize health, even when you are swamped with work - no one is too busy for health. 

To stay motivated and encouraged on your journey:

1.    Join social media groups with people in a similar situation.

2.    Nurture your body instead of fighting it by caring for yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When you feel better, you are you more likely to exercise. 

3.    If trying to lose weight, eat most of your calories before 6 pm. That way, you have a few hours to fast in between following meals.

4.    Track your progress. Once I started using an app to track my calories, I was surprised by how much I ate and I would have to exercise more. You'd be surprised by how many calories are in something as simple as a cracker! The same app can be used to gain weight if needed. It will tell you how many calories to eat for the amount of exercise you are doing.  

5.    Walk and move. Aim for 10k steps a day; count steps, not calories, in your first month of lifestyle change. If trying to gain eat more calories than you burn. 

6.    Eating protein helps muscle building which destroys fat and is needed to regulate metabolism. Aim for a minimum 60-100 g of protein a day. 

7.    Don't do exercise you don't enjoy. Find things you love to do, like dancing, rock climbing, and kayaking, and find a hobby like acrobats, biking, or marathon walking. Rather than wasting energy on complaints, use it for something productive and beneficial - like a 10-minute workout.  Studies have shown that 10 minutes of daily exercise has tremendous health benefits.  It may seem daunting initially, but with regular practice and dedication, you'll enjoy it more. 

Allocate 10 minutes daily for exercise, and you'll notice visible results in no time. You are worth it. 


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