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90-Year-old Woodcutter Built his Own Hobbit House

90-Year-old Woodcutter Built his Own Hobbit House 

When a 90-year-old grandfather, who happens to be a brilliant woodcutter, Stuart Grant decided to build his own house in the woods of British Columbia, he never expected it to become an internet sensation and be a perfect replica of a 'Hobbit House.' But despite never having watched Lord of the Rings, he lives in it almost off-grid and has created a unique lifestyle. He has shown that without prior knowledge of the popular fantasy book series, one can still embrace its spirit and live in harmony with nature. 

Grandfather who built a hobbit house
Stuart Grant Hobbit house – SWNS

Grant says, “I haven’t watched Lord of the Rings,” it’s just a coincidence that my front door is almost the same shape and same kind of wood.”

Grandfather outside his hobbit home
Stuart Grant Hobbit house – SWNS
 “It was a shoemakers’ cottage and a croft. There was no roof, just four walls which are 200 years old. It is not a fancy house; it is made from other people’s leftovers.”  As he built and carved the house by hand,  he lived in the empty shed that was nearby. 

“I was always a glutton for scenic beauty, beautiful houses, and thatched cottages in England,” said Grant. “I cut the wood myself from fallen trees and collected stones from the river for the stonework. I put the stairs in. It took quite a few years; I never counted it. I just enjoyed doing it so much—I was getting such a buzz out of doing it.” 

 As the word got out about his tiny “hobbit home,” Strangers started to stop by. Even though he was accustomed to entertaining guests, busloads of people at a time overwhelmed him. He understood that these visitors were just curious to see his home and works of art. The curious tourists would always recommend he place a donation box out there, which after a lot of request, he did. Presently, he’s raised about $6,000 in donations. Check out his lovely little 'hobbit house' in the video below. 

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