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Super Magical and Rare Pink Aurora Appears After Solar Storm

Friday, December 02, 2022

Super Magical and Rare Pink Aurora Appears After Solar Storm 

The world Is magic quote

Have you ever wondered what if a solar storm smashed into Earth and ripped a hole in Earth's magnetic field? What would happen? Me neither, but we we were lucky enough to find out. ✨   

Video From USA Today

Greenlander tour company guide Markus Varik spotted the auroras at around 6 p.m. while leading a tour group near Tromsø, Norway, Varik told USA TODAY. Although the pink auroras weren't the best he's ever witnessed before, the color's intensity was "super rare" and "almost never happens," Varik said.  

Pink Aura in the sky

According to Spaceweather.com. The combination of cosmic events led to a rare explosion of strikingly vivid pink auroras that filled Norway's night sky. It was caused by a crack in Earth's magnetic field, enabling highly energetic solar particles, known as the solar wind, to enter the atmosphere on Nov. 3,  The unusual colored light show lasted for around two minutes.