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4 ways to manage blood sugar fluctuations

4 ways to manage blood sugar fluctuations

Did you know blood sugar fluctuations can lead to diabetes which not only comes with its own damaging health concerns but more than doubles your risk for depression?! Here are 4 ways to stop blood sugar fluctuations. 

  Mix in cinnamonCinnamon SticksCinnamon’s cinnamaldehyde enhances the activity of GLUT1, a protein that controls blood sugar balance. Ohio Northern University scientists found that enjoying ½ tsp. of cinnamon in coffee or tea stopped blood-sugar spikes by up to 29%—an effect comparable to the diabetes drug metformin.

Take a Hot Bath 

Lady in Hot Bath
Japanese research in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity found taking a hot bath for 16 minutes every day lowers the risk of elevated HbA1c (a marker of excess blood glucose) by 31%. Immersing your body in hot water acts like exercise to boost blood flow, which shunts glucose into muscles, so it doesn’t build up in the bloodstream and cause levels to spike. —Melissa Gotthardt

Eat Nuts 

Squirrel eating nuts
Walnuts are loaded with magnesium. Magnesium protects against inflammation and oxidative stress that can elevate blood sugar. Japanese scientists say that increasing magnesium intake lowers diabetes risk by 50%. And a group of UCLA scientists found in a study the participants who snacked on ½ cup of nuts daily lost 4 pounds in 12 weeks because of the way nuts (especially walnuts) tame the appetite.


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Walking After Meals for Just 2 Minutes Is Enough to Lower Blood Sugar. The American Diabetes Association says that a single burst of exercise can lower blood sugar for up to 24 hours after completion, although this certainly depends on intensity and duration. (One meta-analysis says that 7½ minutes of high-intensity activity might help balance blood sugar for one to three days post-sweat sesh!)