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71-Year-Old Decides to Become a Model and Crushes It

Thursday, November 17, 2022

You Can be a Model At Any Age

Rosa Saito model at 71

As life expectancy goes up, so does the number of "seniors" that want to be represented in a positive light, not just someone's grandparents, or older people that need to be taken care of like children

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Rosa Saito, now 71, started her career in the industry at 68. She's fighting against ageism and proving attractiveness on all levels can still be achieved in the 60s, 70s, and beyond. You don't have to rest and rust just because you're not 25. She's proof that the beauty within will take care of the attractiveness on the outside. 

Serious Face Rosa Saito

"The beauty itself is in taking care of your thoughts, your spirituality," she says. "The person can become beautiful, captivating, friendly; this is much more than the beauty all stretched and perfect. It's the content that counts, in my opinion."

She now has about 22,000 followers on her instagram When she is not modeling, or in a photoshoot, she promotes clean, and natural cosmetics and "talks to her plants" Gardening really brings her peace and helps her stay grounded in nature. 

71 year old model

 "I feel that slowly we are changing," she says. "People are living longer, taking care of themselves more, and companies need to open up more in that sense and visualize these potential customers."


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