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11 Fascinating Facts About Barbie

11 Fascinating Facts About Barbie

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 Mattel received a patent for the Barbie Doll in 1961. The true inventor is John Ryan, a designer who worked for Mattel. (There was a dispute  between Ryan and Handler about who was actually responsible for the creation). The dispute was settled out of court. 

Ruth Handler and John Ryan Barbie dispute

● Barbies full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts named after Barbara Handler, daughter of Mattel co-founders Ruth and Elliot, to thank for Barbie. When Barbara was a child, she would play with paper dolls for hours on end. According to Mattel's website, "this sparked Ruth's vision to create a 3-D doll for girls to play out their dreams."  

                                                        Barbara Handler with family as a child

● Barbie is from a fictional town in Wisconsin, Called Willows not Malibu, California 

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According to Guinness World Recordsthe best-selling Barbie of all time is Totally Hair Barbie, released in 1992

Totally Hair Barbie
● Mila Kunis, Fergieand The Brady Bunch's Maureen McCormick  are only a few celebrities that got famous from Barbie commercials. 

● Barbie didn't get produced with a smile until 12 years after her debut. 

 Malibu Barbiewas the first version of the doll to smile with her teeth. 

Barbie evolution to smiles

Christie was the first African-American doll in the Barbie universe.

First African American Barbie

● A Barbie doll is sold every three-seconds!

The most expensive Barbie sold for more than $300,000.   The Stefano Canturi BarbieThis doll has an actual diamond necklace by jewelry designer Stefano Canturi that features an emerald-cut Australian pink diamond surrounded by three carats of white diamonds.

Stefano Canturi Barbie