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6 Ways to Stay Sane in an Unstable World

6 Ways to Stay Sane in Chaos

 The world is demented right now—no question about it. A global pandemic combined with isolation can cause even the calmest person to stress out and feel stir-crazy. Below are six easy ideas to help you stay sane during this crazy time.  


1. Dress-up

There's a lot of truth behind the saying, "look good, feel good."

According to Carolyn Mair, a behavioral psychologist and the author of "The Psychology of Fashion," mood and clothing are interconnected. 

It's time to change out of those pajamas and sweatpants and put on something fun. What is a better time than on 'stay-at-home- orders than to try new looks that you've been curious about without judgment? It's also a great time to get creative- how about designing custom t-shirts, trying new bold makeup, hairstyles, and kitchen skincare?! A lemon or strawberry sugar scrub works miracles, turning dry, dull skin into luminous and smooth skin. Home is a non-judgmental space.

man dressed as woman looking in mirror

2. Leave the house


There is immense value in getting outdoors


11 Scientific Benefits of Being Outdoors



Favorite trail closed? Not sure where to go? Think of your front door your personal trailhead, and let your feet do the rest.


3.         Schedule Solitude


Sometimes you need to be alone to give yourself room to think. Try taking turns with a family member to watch the kids and do something by yourself. You could go for a hike, sit out in the garden with a book, or run errands that have been on your to-do list for the last month.


Four benefits of solitude


4.        Order out

 On overwhelming days, don’t even bother with cooking. Order a meal out for you and your family and leave the guilt behind. The occasional pizza or burger order will give you one less thing to do around the house, and the tasty food will be a comfort.

Saturday night live eating out

5.         Start a journal and Self Reflect 

Writing is an incredibly cathartic activity. Use a daily self-reflection journal to record all your thoughts and feelings while also reflecting on everything you’re grateful for. When we know who we are, the good, bad, pretty, and ugly, it is harder for our emotions to get the best of us. Writing down your frustrations will relieve anxiety and self-guilt. Journaling taps into the subconscious and reminds us of all the good things about life. “ In 2002, Pennebaker and Joshua Smyth of Syracuse University reported that writing about emotions and stress boosted the immune systems of patients with chronic disease. Journaling is associated with drops in depression, anxiety, and increases in a positive mood, social engagement, and quality of close relationships.”  

30 days of self reflection Lisa D'Anna

6.        Stop borrowing trouble and Pray

Stop borrowing trouble is a reminder not to worry needlessly about things you can't control. During times of uncertainty, it's easy to imagine the worst. Instead, go within, meditate and pray. Now is a wonderful time to get closer to your creator. I can't stress this enough. ACTIVELY Seek, and you will get answers. 

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