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The Jolie Lip Obsession 👄

Jolie Lip Obsession 

Angelina Jolie Lips

Starting in the 2000s, it seems like every other woman in Hollywood and America, for that matter, has become obsessed and envious of Angelina's sexy, pouty lips and will go through every lotion, potion, and crazy notion to achieve this look. Now, fast forward 20 years later and it is Kylie Jenner getting the millennials obsessed with oversized lips. To attain big pouty lips, women will go as far as synthetic implants and collagen injections.

Kylie Jenner lip challenge fails

Kylie lip challenge fail

Although some women do achieve beautiful results, because they seek well established MDs and have the money for it-there is always risk (no matter how good the injector) and complications that could cause VERY unnatural-looking results. 


Courtney love lip injection fail
 Lip Injection Botches
Chrissy Tiegan lip injections

Bad lip injections


If cosmetic surgery isn't your thing and you're afraid of the side effects or other unpleasant consequences- here is a great link to create an illusion of naturally bigger lips. If you decide surgery is the way to go, please research doctors known for success.