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6 Ways to Spring Into New Beginnings

Spring Into New Beginnings 

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  • New Beauty, Better Weather, Ring-a-ding-ding, Welcome to Spring! 

     Spring starts from March 20 and ends June 21st.  Spring is a time to celebrate new beginnings. Spring is when everything starts to come back to life-when the flowers are in full bloom, and we wake from our winter hibernation. 


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Spring is a time for new beginnings.
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The word "spring" comes from an Old English meaning "to leap." People throughout history have celebrated spring as a time for renewal and rejuvenation of both body and mind. Spring is also associated with fertility and rebirth. These symbols of new beginnings are prevalent in many cultures around the world.

In many cultures, spring is celebrated with festivals that include singing, dancing, feasting, and other rituals that symbolize regeneration.

With that in mind, why not SPRING into something new. Create better habits. Become a better leader, per se. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started on your new journey to becoming a better version of YOU.  

1. "How you train is how you perform" I love this quote. It screams truth. To accomplish anything significant, one must give it their all. Think of all the great doctors, scientists, performers, and athletes. They all have something in common; they relentlessly try to improve their craft. Find that one thing you love most and give it your all.  

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2. Become a better communicator. In the world of social media, where you can blab off anything – we are becoming less articulate and self-absorbed. You see this in the new generation that are being raised by the internet. There isn’t a lot of respect or empathy. Believe it or not. A good communicator is one of the top skills to acquire for consistent success. When dealing with people remember people like to feel acknowledged and understood. Don't interrupt a person speaking to you no matter how bad the brain wants to jump in; it makes the person feel that what they're saying is unimportant. Make eye contact when speaking with someone, especially something serious. It singles that you are listening. Have the intention to listen. Most people listen to talk.

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3.Make friends with someone who disagrees with you. "Be Curious, Not Judgmental" Instead of judging, ask questions. It is good to shake up our beliefs.  If we only surround ourselves with people who think the same way we do, we'll never be challenged.  Imagine if you still believed everything you did at five years old. 😂 You grew up because you learned from your surroundings, parents, and friends who had differing opinions. Your mom’s opinion of NOT picking your nose and eating it was a good one, right??? Right?? 🤢

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4. Control your emotions. Wait at least 24 hours to respond if you are angry. A lot of the anger subsides. And you won’t regret saying something you really don’t mean. 

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5. Start your day with prayer or meditation. Focus on what you are grateful for. It creates positive mental clarity before starting the day. Prioritize. Everything doesn't have to be done at once. Write a list of ONLY three priorities for the day.NOTE: ONE SHOULD ALWAYS BE YOUR HEALTH --Narrowing it down highlights what's most important to you and helps manages time efficiently. 

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6. And lastly, but certainly not least --Take accountability; it gains respect, lessens conflict, and builds trust. Self-Pity is unattractive. We are hardwired to look at others when things go wrong. The blame game may work some of the time, but you’re sure to lose a lot of friends and respect. All good leaders ask themselves, what could you have done better in the situation? 

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