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Lifestyle of Beauty's 'Fun and Spunky' Street Style Picks From Phil Oh's Fashion Shots. ❤️

Lifestyle of Beauty's 'Fun and Spunky' Street Style Picks Shot by Fashion Photographer Phil Oh, That Really Captures Personality! 🀠🀩✨❤️ 

1. Vibe: Cat Woman 😻Super-Power: Killing Them With Style/Fashion... MEOW! 
Paris Fashion Week Phil Oh's Photographs

2.  Vibe: Gwen Stefani "The ShHH..&^T Is Bananas! B*A*N*A*N*A*S" 🍌
Paris Fashion Week Wearing Sport Jersey that says Vuitton

3. Vibe: Flower Child! πŸ’πŸŒΌπŸŒ» Cover Me in Sunshine Baby!!!! Wooo!!! 🌞
Paris Fashion week 70s Flower Child Vibe

4. Vibe: Whimsical/ "I Don't Do Fashion. I Am Fashion" 😎
Green Pants Suit With lavender sheer shirt Paris Fashion Week

5. Vibe- Outside Of The Box.  "I May or May Not Be Friends With Elon Musk" πŸš€
Man in Vibrant Space Looking Jacket at Paris Fashion Week

6.  Forever Undecided, But I Love Sports ⚽️🏈🀩
Funky and Fun Outfit Flowers and Sports Team

7. Vibe- Rocking-Rodeo 🎸 🀠🐴
CowGirl Meets Rock and Roll Fashion

8. Have Been And Always Will Be "A BEAR" (JK... It Was Cold Outside.)🐻
Wearing A Bear looking Sweater

9. There Is Beauty Everywhere. πŸ’–πŸ€©
Holding a beautiful colored woven bag that matches dress

10. Care Bear Stare ❤️🌈
Bright Colorful Shorts Onesie Outfits

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