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Lifestyle of Beauty's Favorite Coffee Table Books And Why Coffee Table Books Are a Thing

Lifestyle of Beauty's Favorite Coffee Table Books: And Why Coffee Table Books Are a Thing

I am a HUGE fan of coffee table books. 

 A coffee table book not only makes a room look more aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides a great conversation starter for guests, which will help them feel more comfortable and welcomed.  They are the best ice breakers. 

According to Paul Harris, Ph.D., an environmental psychologist and professor of psychology at Florida’s Rollins College, “Identity display is the primary motivation for strategically displaying books.” The thought process you have while choosing a bumper sticker, tattoo, or poster is the same one you use when selecting a coffee table book. You’re likely to go with a book that reflects a part of who you are, revealing something about your personality, interests, or what you value.

“Much of home decoration serves identity functions, particularly personalization in areas like the living room where guests are most likely to be entertained,” says Harris. “We know that others judge us based on our surroundings and we attempt to shape those judgments when decorating our homes.”

Coffee table books are not usually read from cover to cover like most books. Instead, they are flipped through casually and enjoyed as artistic home decor. They typically contain high-quality photography that captures the beauty of great artists, natural landscapes, architecture, celebrities, fashion models, or personalized travel coffee books are my favorite. 

The best coffee table books are the ones that express a little about your personality, they are unique and different from anything else on your bookshelf. They should have high-quality photographs that make you want to spend hours looking at them, not just minutes. The book should be a hardcover, and its pages should be thick enough not to tear so easily if someone spills something on them or drops them on the floor.

Some stunning and popular coffee table books include: 

Fashion Designers A-Z. 40th Ed.


From Azzedine Alaïa and Coco Chanel to Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent, celebrate over a century's worth of fashion greats. This updated edition features photographs of hundreds of garments selected from the permanent collection of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, distilling the unique philosophy and aesthetics of each featured designer.

Fashion Designers A-Z Coffee Table Book

Annie Leibovitz. The Early Years. 1970


Annie Leibovitz began working as a photographer in the early 1970s, which was a volatile and frenetic time in America. The lines had yet to be drawn between journalists and the people they covered, so she had access that would now be considered unusual. This unique collection provides a vivid account both of Leibovitz's development as an artist and of a pivotal era.

Photography Book Early Years Annie

Basilius Besler. Florilegium. The Book of Plants


In 367 exquisite plates, this treasure of botanical literature records the flowers of the palatial grounds at Eichstätt, Bavaria, once some of the most beautiful gardens in history. The illustrations are organized by season and, following the classification system used today, show plants belonging to a total of 90 families and covering 340 genera. 

Classic The Book of Plants


Redouté. The Book of Flowers. 40th Ed.


Meet "the Raphael of flowers," Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Adapted from our best-selling XL edition, this book gathers some of the finest engravings from his masterful volumes Roses, Lilies, and Selection of the Most Beautiful Blooms and Branches with the Finest Fruits. The dazzling images transport us back to the magnificent greenhouses and gardens of a bygone Paris.

Parisian Book of Flowers Classic 

Fritz Kahn. Infographics Pioneer

Graphic Design 

Natural science buffs, graphics professionals, and anyone interested in the visual expression of ideas will be fascinated by this tribute to Fritz Kahn, the German infographics pioneer who excelled in the demystification of complex scientific ideas and whose inspired creative concepts have influenced generations of artists and communicators through to today.


Fritz Kahn graphic design coffee table book

The Polaroid Book. 40th Ed.


The unique tones and spontaneity of Polaroids have made them a beloved photographic format for decades. Brimming with all the warmth and nostalgia of a family album, this ode to the instant camera presents hundreds of images from the Polaroid Corporation's own collection. A chronicle of the experimental and innovative ways Polaroids have defied the digital age.

History fo Polaroid Coffee Table Book



Discover the artist who put soup cans in MoMA and movie stars in the Met. This introduction to Andy Warhol presents his prolific and radical oeuvre and its relentless interrogation of consumerism, materialism, and the role of the artist. The title includes more than 100 images of Warhol's work in top-quality reproductions that retain all the originals' pop.

Warhol Coffee Table Book

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