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Why I Love To Write

Writing Is A Powerful Form Of Record Keeping and Self-Reflection 

Why I Love to write, Lisa D'Anna, Lifestyle of Beauty

I've always found myself drawn to words and stories and the power of an idea—the need to understand the world and make sense of it. My writing helps me connect the dots in the world around me. With a touch of a pen to paper, my heart overflows with feeling, self-expression, and reflection, all placed onto a sheet of paper.  

Writing is an outlet for creativity and problem solving for me. If I don't understand a subject, I'll write an essay to get more insight into it rather than thinking about it or clinging to negative thoughts about something I don't understand. (#Becuriousnotjudgemental) This insight helps me better understand myself and those around me.  I gain compassion and empathy. 

Writing allows me to explore my thoughts and ideas safely without judgment or conflict. It brings together all my thoughts, emotions, and experiences into one cohesive piece that I can share with the world. That same writing that inspires me has the power to touch someone else's heart, make them feel better about themselves, convey their emotions in words they cannot say out loud.

 If my words push a pen into someone's hands and inspire them to write free from judgment, free from fear, and to find their vulnerability, find their courage to step into the light. Openly. Expectantly, my heart fills with joy for them and the future, for it means I'm living my destiny by bringing happiness into other people's lives. ❤

My latest book: A World Sold On Image: The Truth About Real Beauty 

A World Sold On Image: The Truth About Real Beauty By Lisa D'Anna

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