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Tips To Perk UP and Relax

Simple Tips To Help You Perk Up and Relax 

Peel an orange and get perky in seconds! The Journal of Physiology and Behavior reports that peeling and sniffing this refreshing citrus scent activates the brain's pleasure center, helping you feel happier and more awake for up to two hours.

Orange getting peeled and the orange is making a scared face

Think about someone sexy.... #BAM...A UCLA study showed that simply thinking of someone that makes you smile for one minute will help decrease the feelings of stress and a bad mood- However, If the person that makes you smile is also the cause of your stress, then it's absolutely okay to "WINE"... "WINEing" always makes you feel better! 

Zach Galifianakis wearing a wine helmet drinking both at once
Wear blue. Blue evokes positive emotions and calm because we associate the color blue with clear skies and the ocean.

If you cant dig the blues you got a hole in your soul blues quote
Tap into your feelings with “Emotional Acupuncture” Using the middle fingers, tap the bone under both eyes five times, then tap under your collar bone, and finally, tap about three inches under each arm near the ribcage. These are points that induce relaxation.

Id tap that beer keg satire

Stretch: Stand up right now and do a few stretches! How’d that feel? Awesome, right? Well, you just instantly zapped some tension and improved your mood.

 A Cat and its owner stretching together

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