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How to Make New Shoes Last Longer

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Tips To Expand The Life Of Shoes 

GIF of changing shoes.

1)Avoid being shoe lazy. Untie laces and straps before removing shoes. Squeezing in and out of untied shoes will cause shoes to expand, damaging the shape and size of the shoe. 


2) Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row. A pair of shoes that get worn all day needs to recover from moisture and friction. 



3) Protect shoes from stinky sweaty feet. Sweat on the feet breaks down the insoles of the shoes. To soak up excess moisture, use sports socks with running shoes and provide a sweat-proof barrier when wearing heels or flats and wear footies. 


4) To avoid the smell of sweat in shoes, throw on a nice smelling foot lotion. The smell will go through socks, leaving a pleasant perfume smell.

5) Remove spots or scuffs right away. Avoid throwing them in the washer as they will weather faster.  Shoe cleaner and polish works wonders. 

Love Spelled out wit shoes