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How To Silence Your Inner Critic

How To Silence Your Inner Critic



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 Most of us spend our lives listening to the voice in our heads reminding us that something we said or did was moronic.  We beat ourselves up thinking about what we should have done or said differently……..  So, how can we combat these negative thoughts? For one, remember, life is improvisation for EVERYONE. We plan for what we can and improvise the rest. Want another reason not to beat yourself up?  People naturally are selfish. Most of the time an opinion about you is gone within 10 seconds, and they are back to thinking about themselves.


 Maybe it could have gone a little better, but does it matter? Nope.  Before going into anything, you think the other person will judge you for play out the worst-case scenario. 

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Acknowledge the thoughts while staying in the present. You won't get rid of the thoughts forever, but you will get better and better at quieting them, especially if you experience them more than once.  

Most often, that little voice stems from insecurity or false beliefs about the future. Coach Raphael Cushnir says, when people aren't living out their dreams or fear what others may think of them, it's because of "emotions they're not willing to feel." 

Say, for example, you go on a date, and the date doesn't call you back. You beat yourself up and know it's because "You're unattractive," "too stupid" Why did your mind jump to those thoughts automatically? It's usually isn't because you think the person is irreplaceable. It's because you're scared of the future. Most likely, you're afraid of "being alone." You're afraid to know what your image of loneliness feels like. Instead of getting depressed and sinking into a pity party, and declare you will never go on another date, I recommend meditation where you meditate this very scenario is true.

Feel all of the emotions of loneliness. What's the worst that can happen? Are you alone forever? Put yourself in that position and ride out the feelings. Accept it. What will life be like? Experience the absolute worse. You'll start to see a shift in your thinking. The mind and emotions will shift. Listen to the positive ones.  Most of our negative thoughts are there because we're afraid of the absolute worst thing that could happen to us. So, we live in fear. Meditation comes with answers. Your mind likes solving problems. When you go on that date, and if he really doesn't call you back, you've already experienced it, you understand where the thoughts are coming from, so its way less of a blow to the Ego.  Many times, the fear isn't something you even knew you were afraid of! You've discovered the REAL false narrative and can take the necessary steps to start a brighter future of emotional freedom! 😎 


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