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Small Tweaks That Will Make Laptop and iPhones Work Faster

How To Make Your Gadgets Work Even Better 

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Make a laptop last 200% longer by avoiding charging it to full capacity. Tech expert Nick McSpadden advises keeping the battery of laptops around 80% charged and unplugged most of the time. He explains, when a battery is maxed out at full power, the voltage gets too hot, and the constant overheating eventually breaks down the battery’s cells. The battery will hold less and less of a charge.


Two more subtle tweaks that give more battery power are turning off Bluetooth and WIFI when you’re not using them and putting audio on mute.  

Recharge a smartphone 50% faster by putting it into airplane mode. The phone will avoid searching for WIFI signals that drain the battery--try not to let a smartphone completely die and avoid turning it off and on; both are huge battery drainers. 


When in a rush, charge smartphones using a tablet charger. It delivers twice as many amps. 


Speed up your smartphone by deleting old apps and photos you don’t need. Believe it or not, voicemail and text messages take up a huge amount of space.  Go to settings, general, then usage to find out what’s taking up most of your space and delete it.

Most of us skip removing the factory settings from our television. Factory settings are set at a very boring normal. To instantly enhance and brighten to an HD experience, go to your TV's menu, choose screen setting or mode, then pick "Movie," "Cinema," or "THX" VIOLA!If you have your televisions model number visit the brands site for its ideal settings.

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