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Bronzer 101: How To Properly Apply Bronzer

How To Make Your Bronzer Look More Natural To Enhance Your Features 

Bronzer is one of the most loved but misused beauty products out there. Women use a lot of it to contour themselves into Kim and come out looking more like Kanye. 


Ladies, STOP TRYING TO CHANGE your features. It's all about enhancing and SUBTLY creating the illusion of "high cheekbones."

Kanye West wearing a full face of  Makeup

Lindsay Lohan Horrible Bronzer

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Eva Mendes great bronzer natural bronzer look


Here’s how to look naturally contoured with bronzer.  

 When choosing a bronzer, choose color no darker than two shades of your natural skin tone. 


To mimic a natural tan, use golden brown bronzers with a hint of red or orange.


 Pressed powders create the most authentic effect; however, stains can look super-natural and give a glow to the whole face.

Victoria Secret Model Bronzer

 If it shimmers, it will shine! Avoid shimmery bronzers at all costs. They will make skin look oily. A natural tan doesn’t sparkle, and a faux one shouldn’t either.

Oily Bronzer look bronzers to avoid
Shimmery Bronzer Effect

šŸ”ŗ Less is more when it comes to bronzer. Swirl a medium-sized blush brush over the bronzer and tap it on a napkin to avoid applying too much in one area of the face. 


The best place to apply bronzer is where the sun would naturally hit the face: On the temples, bridge of the nose, the jawline, and the tip of the chin. ***Don’t forget to apply some to the neck to avoid two-tone skin. šŸ”ŗ

Full Bronzed Look The correct way to apply bronzer
Subtle Bronzed look How to make bronzer look natural

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