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Valentine's Day look Under $50.00

A Valentine's Day Look Fierce As The Lioness Wearing It 

 Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and it doesn't matter if you're celebrating with your man, woman, girlfriends, or feminist club. You're going to want to look sexier than usual. Why? Well, not only because corporate America says you should, but COME ONNNN... It's an excuse to play dress-up and have some fun with a fierce look you wouldn't usually wear.  💃

The Office Valentines Day Dry Humor

With that said, here are some incredible looks that will turn heads in all directions. And even sweeter than chocolate heart-shaped truffles, you can get the whole look for $50.00!  💋💋💋

Red Valentines Day dress

Remelon 2 Piece Outfits for Women Blazer with Pants Deep V Long Sleeve Slim Fit Ruffle Pelplum Business Suit

Valentines day outfit

Makeup 💄 

Always sexy and one of my favorite looks- A candlelight ready complexion, a seductive cat eye, and a bold red lip.  Raaawwr. 🐯

Red Lips with lipstick

Hair 💁

Spending hours on polished, perfectly placed hair makes me want to yawn. It's a sexy holiday. Go for 'meticulously messy' hair. If all goes well, It's going to end up like that by the end of the night anyway.

 Curly and messy hair        Hair up and messy
💮 Lastly, don't forget your signature smell. A flower, no matter how beautiful- isn't as beautiful without its scent!


Where to put perfume
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