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Snail Slime, The anti wrinkle Miracle?

Moisturizing Cream With Snail Slime?! 🐌

Slow and steady wins the race, and the cosmetic industry has taken notice. Many of the top cosmetic brands are using snail secretion to stimulate cell repair and increase collagen production.

Woman with a snail on her face for good skin

The “miracle” ingredient has been used for decades by ancient Greeks and Hollywood actresses such as Katie Holmes swears by it. 

Katie Holmes showing off skin
🐌The logic for this: Snail mucin extract is a complex blend of proteins, glycolic acids, and elastin that are naturally designed to heal and protect the snail's skin as it moves over rocks, twigs, and other rough edges.🐌

There is much debate if the snail mucin works on human skin when combined with skincare. However, a study in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology showed a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. The only way to know is to test it out for yourself.   

Lisa D'Anna of Lifestyle of Beauty tried a CC creme with snail secretion and it’s one of our faves! Check it out.....    

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