As Within So Without

TuTus, Nail Polish, and Skateboards... That’s What Little Girls Are Made OF.....

"The Pink Helmet Posse" 

When I was 8-years-young, I had a skateboard with an American flag on it. I loved it and played on it all the time. But, some days, my ‘meanie face’ boy cousin would take it and hide it from me. He would taunt me and say, "Girls can't skate!" I would cry and get so MAD.  Eventually, those tears turned into words of wisdom. "Oh cousin, girls can do anything boys can do, just with a little more sparkle and IN HEELS!" ❤ 

Lisa D'Anna on a skateboard


Statistics show that by the age of 14, girls are twice as likely to drop out of sports as boys in fear of losing their femininity. Well, the “Pink Helmet Posse” in their little tutus and pink nail polish is on a mission to prove you can still be a girl and love sports! May I say, Fashionably Rad?! 💪💋❤ You must check out this video! Adorableness!