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Gisele Says GoodBye to The Runway.......

Gisele Bundchin's Last Runway Show 

Gisele Bundchin on leaving the runway

“In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing,” Gisele admits. “I had no idea what modeling was. I didn’t know it’s about becoming something—embodying something. It’s not you. I didn’t understand that. I was like this!” She bares her teeth in a horrible rigor-mortis grin. “I wasn’t aware of my body. All my life I felt awkward about myself.” But the idea that somebody had found her attractive was intoxicating. “Out of those 50 girls, that guy thought I was pretty,” she recalls, a dreamy look softening her face. “People weren’t calling me Olive Oyl. It was a different standard of beauty.”
And yet, even as a novice, Gisele had a sturdy sense of her own self-worth that helped her keep the rigors of modeling in perspective. “Some people were like, ‘She’s never going to make it!’ But not everybody has to like me,” she says. “Some people like watermelon; some people like pineapple. It doesn’t mean that watermelon is better. People have different tastes.” She shrugs............ 

Gisele went from not knowing what modeling was; to the highest-paid model in the world.  


According to Forbes' 2014 Celebrity 100 list, Bündchen is the 42nd-highest-paid celebrity globally and the highest-paid supermodel, a title she has held for the past eight years.



We know Gisele says she has retired from the runway. However, that is a little hard to believe because, when your Gisele Bundchen, the world is your runway! We're excited to see what's next for this world-famous supermodel. 

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