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Inspiration From The lens of a camera....

Fashion Photography 101 

Fashion photography is a form of visual creative thinking with one goal in mind- catch and win the hearts and wallets of the masses using nothing but a camera and the latest fashion trends.

Fashion blonde lady with purse
Where the wild things are fashion photography Mulberry

Fashion Photography for purses lion on lap

Flipping through the pages of a magazine, the pictures on the page seduces us. Most of us find ourselves picking out pieces from the latest trends, and we even start putting our unique twist on a look. A really good fashion photographer will make the picture come to life. ❤❤❤

I recently interviewed one of the top LA Fashion/Event photographers, Felix "FOTO" Of lookbook LA. He gives us his take on the fashion industry and what inspired him to become a fashion photographer. He even has some tips for the models! Check it out!

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