As Within So Without

A night of Playful Fun and Fashion


'THE LOOK' A celebrity, fashion, cosmetic, entertainment, and shopping website from the founder of E! television hosted a night of cosmetics and fashion for Bloggers, Journalists, Buyers, Designers, Makeup Artists, and Industry Professionals; at Trousdale in Hollywood, CA, November 2nd!

As soon as LOB heard there was an open bar, and we get to play with makeup and fashion, we knew we would be there! HA! Look how happy Lisa  is with her glass of wine. She takes her wine like she wears her lipstick...In red, please.

Lisa D'Anna Red Wine
The night was fantastic! So many great people who enjoy trying new products, glamour, and open bars. 😂💃 
Lisa D'Anna and Allison Swan
Allison Swan-Entertainment Host and Beauty Writer
Lisa D'Anna and Lookbook LA
Felix, amazing photographer of LookbookLA
Lisa D'Anna Gladys Otero New York Magazine 
New York Magazine

 Guests were invited to drink Veev, mingle, and have a look at the newest products in the cosmetic space, and we got to leave with a bag of 'swagging'..! The swag bag had a few items in it, but we fell in love with two of the products, and we think you guys may also fall in love with them. 


 First, we tried CP, a dermatologist-developed antibacterial shampoo, and we have to say, our scalps felt tingly and refreshed, and our hair was left soft, shiny, and free of any residue. It's great if you have acne-prone skin because it has Triclosan to help control sebum oil production in the scalp. If our scalps could talk, it would thank CP for the stimulating experience it had. 

 Cherry Jack's Cane Sugar Scrub- Coffee and Cream. We exfoliated with this scrub, and there aren't enough O's in the word smooth to describe how soft our skin felt afterward. And we smelled terrific for hours.

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