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The Way You Introduce Yourself Matters

The Best Way To Introduce Yourself 

"How would you introduce yourself in a sentence?"  I got asked this question, and I thought it was a notable question. It made me start thinking of all the positive attributes I have and how I could use them to help others. 


Then it reminded me that so many of us never promote ourselves, or when we introduce ourselves, especially at a business meeting, we play down our strengths when we should proudly show them off.  


The way we Introduce ourselves affects the way others see us.  If we introduce ourselves standing tall with a tangible way to help, people take notice and want to work with us or at least learn more about us. 


We all need a compelling pitch. People like confident people. 


According to evoke.pro attention spans are the shortest they've ever been. You now only have 8 seconds to impress someone! The quickest and most impressive way to do this is to practice saying something significant about yourself and how it can help someone else.  Here are a few examples from evoke.pro



Hello I am awesome and tips on how to introduce yourself

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