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Viral Video Of A Stranger Singing To Two Young Girls On Their Graduation Day Leaves Internet Emotional

Stranger Singing To Two Lucky Girls On Their Graduation Day 

Graduates getting serenaded by a stranger

Some lucky graduates got an unexpected serenade from a stranger named Bruce. The video of a stranger was posted by basketball player Rex Chapman.


In the emotional clip, a sanitation worker sings for two young girls standing outside their home to take pictures for their 2020 graduation.


They soon learn that Bruce lost two girls of his own.


He says, "I will make this short and sweet," and then starts singing for them. He then continues, "I lost two daughters in an accident. But I say this when I see girls do what you do, I celebrate. Know that it's worth your hard work. Always keep reaching. Keep making your family proud."


Watch the heartwarming video below.

Rex Chapman quote on Twitter

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