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Scientist Have Captured a Rare & Beautiful Photo of Jupiter

Scientist have captured a beautiful image of Jupiter using a technique called “Lucky Imaging.”

It took hundreds of exposures to build this sharp image mosaic of Jupiter in the infrared


  The picture was captured in infrared by the Gemini North Telescope in Hawaii and is one of the sharpest observations of the planet ever made from the ground. 

"These images rival the view from space," Michael Wong of UC Berkeley, who led the research team, said in a press release.

The new photos and data revealed that the dark patches we see within the red spots are not color variations on Jupiter's surface but are gaps in clouds. Nasa stated they have a better understanding of Jupiter's weather patterns of violent storms and anticyclones, and the images from Hubble and Gemini in support of the Juno mission are helping scientists study many other weather phenomena like "changes in wind patterns, characteristics of atmospheric waves and the circulation of various gases in the atmosphere."
Space Photo

Jupiter as seen in visible wavelengths of light by Hubble

Facts About Jupiter
Facts from BBC Science 

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