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    Happy Birthday to Americas Golden Girl

    Friday, January 17, 2020

    She’s Ageless, stylish, funny, compassionate and with a career in the Guinness World Records spanning 80 years, there’s no sign of this glorious woman slowing down. 

    Betty White is the epitome on how to age. 

    She reminds us that aging is a gift, to keep moving or rust.  Laugh, laugh, then laugh some more, and that life doesn't slow down because you're a little old lady, so why become one?!  

    Betty is very aware she's still HOT!  🔥🚒 

    Betty says, the secret to staying young is a hot dog a day, laughter, and a bad memory, that keeps her running up and down the stairs. 

    She also credits her love of vodka. Betty loves her Grey Goose!” a close friend says, the star sometimes appears as if she’s overindulged on the top-shelf vodka. “They’ve had to help her walk out because she’s had a little too much enjoyment.” 

    Well, Betty,  may all the hot dogs and vodka help you make it to 100!  Only 2 more years.....YOU GO GUUUURRRLLLL.......  Stay Golden. 

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