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5 Reasons You May Be Getting Dark Circles

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Why Do I Have Dark Circles?!


So, What Is The Cause Of Dark Circles?

There are five leading causes of dark under eyes and puffiness, and each reason will be treated differently. It is crucial to find out what is causing your dark circles and puffiness and then choose the most efficient eye treatment to avoid wasting time and money. 


1. The natural aging process


No one likes to think about the aging process, but most of us will get at least one of these distressing conditions as we age. Most women notice their first signs of aging around the eyes. 

 Joan Rivers on Aging

As we age, the ligaments that hold a certain amount of fat in the eye area get weaker, allowing fat to push forward, which forms the puffiness under the eye. 


Dark circles become visible with age because the skin on our faces gets thinner. Ronald Moy, a dermatologist at UCLA, studied dark circles and puffiness caused by the aging process. He says the best thing to do for aging eyes is to use a Retin-A cream made for the eye area, and Retin-A is proven to help slow down eye aging and increase collagen levels.

2.  Hereditary 

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It could be that mom and dad passed down this genetic issue. The genes related to dark circles around the eyes are the genes that cause weakened blood vessels and capillaries in the skin.  


The inheritance of abnormal lymph circulation is the cause of puffiness. Skin tone, including transparency of the skin, is also inherited and can make dark circles appear more dramatic. If you were unlucky and inherited dark circles or puffiness, don't panic! Although creams will probably not work for you, there are fillers from the doctor's office such as, Restalyne and Juvederm that will help take the edge off, or it could diminish the darkness. If you're desperate, there is a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty for puffiness. 


If you're not ready for the needle or surgery- concealer is a great alternative. But don't glob on a bunch of concealers; this will only make the under-eye area look cakey and dry, making you look older. Put on an eye cream first. Ensure the eye cream includes at least one of these ingredients: haloxyl, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin K, vitamins AC& E, or Retinol. All these ingredients will slowly treat under-eye issues and will make the under-eye area smoother. 

3. Lifestyle Choices

  "I heard recently in Jay Leno's monolog that I call myself the Machine. I've never called myself the Machine. It was a nickname my friends gave me in the old days because when they were all ready to go home, I was always the last guy standing, insisting that the party continue."-Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Partying

Partying like a "Ma-Sheen" is a guaranteed way to wake up with dark circles and puffiness. If it's not from being punched in the eye by a hooker- more than likely, it's from a lack of sleep.  


When the body doesn't obtain an adequate amount of sleep, the face generally looks paler. Pale skin makes dark circles look darker, AND not drinking enough water, drinking too much alcohol or caffeine without replenishing electrolytes in the body will cause significant dehydration. Dark circles are the number one sign of dehydration. 


Let's not forget diet. A diet low in iron, an extreme calorie restricting diet, and foods that cause fluid retention, such as too much salt, cause blood vessels under the eyes to dilate and engorge, contributing to dark circles and puffiness. 


If the cause of your dark circles and puffy eyes are due to partying too hard, a lifestyle change is needed. Your skin will thank you. Instead of partying seven nights a week, try partying three or four nights, and don't forget, your skin needs a balanced diet to stay healthy. Make sure your diet contains an adequate amount of iron to avoid anemia, a condition that can cause the skin to become pale. Eat a low salt diet and drink at least eight 8oz cups of water a day. If you can't stop partying, always carry a bottle of water, a good eye cream, and heavy coverage concealer with you, and, 'may the force be with you.'  

4. Allergies
Allergies SuckKid Blowing their nose

  Yes, allergies! It's a condition of hypersensitivity to a substance. Allergies cause dark circles and puffiness in two ways: first, when the body is allergic to a substance, it releases histamine causing dark smudges and "puffed" eyes. Second, the itchy eyes that come with allergies cause us to rub our eyes and rubbing the eyes, and the skin around the eyes make dark circles even darker.                                                                           

If allergies are the culprit of your dark under-eye circles and puffy eyes, determine what is causing the allergy and eliminate it. You can also have a doctor test you for allergies. An antihistamine such as Allegra-D can help alleviate allergy symptoms and possibly get rid of your dark circles. The more natural route is eating local honey.  

5.  Sun exposure

Too much sun does more harm than good. The sun is one of the avoidable causes of dark circles. The sun prompts your body to produce more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color; more pigment under the eyes equals darker circles. Always wear an eye treatment with an SPF 15 or higher under the eye area. ( Try self-tanner as an alternative to the sun) 


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