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    The Strange Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

    Wednesday, October 16, 2019


    For special events, Cher uses SELLOTAPE  as a temporary way to lift her face. 

    Cindy Crawford 

    To keep her skin soft and dewy, Cindy carries a bottle of mixed milk and water and mists it on her face throughout the day. 

    Teri Hatcher

    Terri bathes in red wine. Cheers to that!  💃🍷🍷🍷 It turns out red wine isn't just for a good time. It's a great exfoliant and contains super anti -aging anti-oxidants like RESVERATROL.  

    Demi Moore 

    Leeches?!?!?! AHHH. Not sure about this one, she looks amazing so we'll take her word for it. Demi swears that leech facials detoxify her skin by sucking out impurities. 👀👾 


    Hailey Bieber

    Hailey Bieber uses  her own blood. It's a  facial lotion that is concocted by Dr. Barbara Sturm, a leader in molecular cosmetics. Hailey’s blood is extracted from her arm and then put in a centrifuge to separate the plasma and white blood cells, which are then added to a cream that is called MC1 Blood Moisturizer. 

    Victoria Beckham 

    Victoria is a HUGE fan of bird poop facials.  Well, the fancy name is the "Nightingale facial" It uses sanitized, dehydrated nightingale bird poo that is ground into a fine powder and mixed with water to form a paste that is then applied to the skin. Bird poop is said to be high in urea, which locks in moisture and guanine, which can apparently have a brightening effect. 

    Cate Blanchett 

    Cate is a fan of the "penis facial" This high-end facial, performed by celebrity facialist Georgia Louise, involves micro-needling the skin and applying a serum that contains epidermal growth factor (EGF) or to be more specific, stem cells harvested from the foreskin of Korean newborn baby boys. Yep, that’s right! After a newborn circumcision, stem cells are harvested from the foreskin and made into a collagen generating serum.

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