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Meet Maxine. The Young woman with Down Syndrome Who Created Her Own Accessory Line

 With the help of   Help Us Gather, a Clearwater nonprofit that advocates for the social inclusion of people with disabilities, a young woman with down syndrome created her custom accessory line of headbands and hair clips. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she got them into a store. Her tag line is, "I'll make you so fabulous." and we believe she will  

 "Sparkles by Maxine"

Maxine Simeone of Sparkles

 Maxine Simeone told ABC action news; she started making hair accessories when she was eight or nine.


A bead fell off a hairband. So she glued it back on. She drew some dresses, too. "For Lady Gaga and Beyonce!" she says.


 She recently asked a shop owner in Clearwater, FL, if she could sell her creations inside -- and they said, "yes, of course!" Now, you can find her accessories under her brand, "Sparkles by Maxine," at a Clearwater store called the Poolside, located in the Shoppes on Sand Key.

"I just have a special place in my heart for young people -- young people who have to struggle in life to make something of themselves, and here we are helping her," explained a representative from "Poolside. "It kind of gives me goosebumps. It makes me so proud to be able to give her this opportunity -- and she deserves it."
Bracelets by Sparkle Maxine

 You can also find Maxine's creations on ETSY. She would like to expand her brand, get in more stores, maybe even start a men's line. Making people happy with "Sparkles by Maxine" makes her day, and she hopes it makes yours. 


Wearing your Sparkles by Maxine headband shows that you believe in the talent and value of people with disabilities. #Sparkles and social inclusion… it's an eye-catching combo!


Maxine of Sparkles in one of her headbands

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