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10 year old recycles 103,000 pounds of bottles, glass, and cans.

Ryan Hickman is not your typical ten-year-old boy. Instead of playing video games or baseball, he's outside, making life a little more beautiful for all of us. Ryan has set up a legitimate and super successful recycling business.


10 year old recycling 103,000 pounds of junk

Customers can contact Ryan, and with the help of his dad, the pair will pick up recyclable items. Ryan says it's primarily cans, glass, and plastic bottles. 


Ryan has been recycling since he was three years old. He thought it was cool that he could take a glass bottle to a recycling department and turn it into a brand new product while helping the environment.

Ryan holding some of his recyclables

It gets even better. 


Ryan has donated a total of $9,000 to PMMC (Pacific Marine Mammal Center) out of the money he got from recycling. Aside from that, he is saving money to buy a recycling truck.


This ambitious young man also has a youtube channel where he hosts beach clean-ups, answers fan letters and questions about recycling. 


He's a regular speaker at schools and donates recycling cans to anyone who may need them. 


So far, Ryan has collected over 103,000 pounds of bottles, glass, and cans. We'd like to say, thanks for choosing a Lifestyle of Beauty 💚💚💚


Ryan Hickman standing in front of tons of plastic

Ryan Hickman recycling quote

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