As Within So Without


I thought those epic underwater images of fashion models were ALWAYS photoshopped or at least digitally enhanced until I stumbled across this extraordinary photographer, Brett Stanley.  

Man underwater photography

Brett builds super intricate sets from scratch. The rooms, the props, the lighting, the camera, and the models are all submerged into the water where he does an underwater photoshoot in his scuba wear. The shoots are very challenging, but the results are stunning.
Prop Set For underwater photography

Prop sets for underwater photography

man under water scuba gear setting up a water photoshoot

Underwater photoshoot in scuba gear

Brett on why he wouldn't just digitally enhance the photos:

"Being an Underwater Photographer, I’ve always been drawn to creating dreamscapes below the surface. It’s just part of the allure for me, and trying to build a whole room underwater was one of the goals I’d set myself quite a while ago.Being a primarily traveling photographer meant that I didn’t have a proper studio in which to experiment, but that all changed last year when I built my own Underwater Studio at my home in Long Beach, California. Having an underwater studio at my house meant that I could spend days experimenting with all sorts of crazy ideas that had been percolating in my soggy brain over the years, one of which was “the sunken room.”


 Whole prop set under water photoshoot
Girl with hula hoop underwater

Alice in wonderland under water photo theme

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