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They're Going to Buy it Anyway.

DIY Gift Idea That They'll Actually Like 

I recently saw an adorable idea on Pinterest. A DIY coupon book and I thought to myself, "OMG, what a great gift idea!" ( I was that excited) I started imagining all the creative ways to decorate it and the coupons I could put into it. What is even more incredible is a coupon book is an excellent gift for any occasion, any holiday, any birthday, as a thank you, essentially, any celebration.

DIY Coupon Book

They're simple to create in Microsoft word, MAC pages, or search the web for directions, ideas, and tutorials. There are tons of them. All you need is a theme for the occasion. For example, for a "Valentine's Day" coupon book, add a coupon for "one free massage" annnddddd.... where it goes from there well, that's up to you. 😚If it's a friend's birthday, throw in coupons for a "free dinner and drinks on me" and a "one free errand" You could walk their dog or wash their car.  The possibilities are infinite and a lot of fun to come up with. 


 The coupons don't have to all be personalized. To add a little novelty, have a mixture of personalized and store coupons. Almost every store you can think of has insane deals that most of us overlook- from free sample coupons, free coffee, free food, half off a product. Etc... You can print them from most of their websites.

target 5.00 off coupon

There are so many creative options out there. For a beauty-obsessed friend of mine, I did the ultimate. I gave her a book of Sephora, Ulta, and Target codes and in-store coupons. She LOVED it! ❤❤❤❤

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