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Can You Mend A Split End?

Can You Mend A Split End?  
NO. NO, you can’t

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According to New York Celebrity hairstylist Francky L’Official, it’s not possible to save a split end.  

“You can smooth them by “pasting” them back together with serums and oils that stay put until you wash your hair again, but the only way to get rid of a split end is to cut it off, or stop them before they get worse."

 Trimming split ends

1.Trim your ends every couple of months. A split end that has gone untrimmed can travel up the hair shaft. The higher the split end, the shorter the hair cut to fix it. 

2.  Use a weekly conditioning treatment with strengthening ingredients. I am a  HUGE fan of anything with coconut oil, and we use organic coconut oil religiously. SOOOOO many studies have shown the benefits of using coconut oil in the hair, and it may even strengthen hair so much the hair will start to grow back.   

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3. Avoid drying out the hair Wash it every other day especially, if you blow-dry or curl your hair using heat-protective products.  Before blow drying use a thermal heat protectant. 

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4. Most importantly, don’t forget what you’re eating and drinking. Proper hydration is key, and not only will your hair look shiny your skin will too. Drink at least half your body weight of water a day and eat a well-balanced diet high in protein. These two tips are essential for strong and healthy hair.  

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