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The Khol story

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Want to Seduce Someone? According to ancient tradition, wear Kohl Eyeliner 

It’s said that centuries ago when Cleopatra set sail to meet Marc Antony’s fleet, she did so with sails that were heavily perfumed. The sailors present at that time reported that the entire sea smelled of incense, and this was solely to announce her arrival. She intended to seduce the Roman warlord with the use of cosmetics and perfume. In ancient Egypt, prestige, religion, and signs of health significantly influenced the decision to wear make-up. Cleopatra was rarely seen in public without make-up on. This included blush, multicolored eye shadow, lipstick, flattened eyelashes and darkened eyebrows, but nothing compared to her eyes. Cleopatra was well known to possess the ability to seduce men using only her khol decorated eyes.

The real Cleopatra


Science has proven that Kohl-lined eyes make pupils look more dilated, indicating sexuality.


Women and men of all social classes continue to use this ancient Kohl trick in decorating their eyes seductively.

Egyptian putting on eyeliner

Celebrities wearing Kohl Liner

Celebrities in kohl liner