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    One of a kind “Build a Bag” event

    Friday, April 14, 2017
    How cool is this?! Last night, I attended a  “Build a Bag” event at Bed|Stü in Santa Barbra, CA. Walking into the rustic boutique, I immediately fell in love with their products. The meticulous work that goes into Bed|Stü products is evident. The products are truly one of a kind, carefully crafted, and handmade in Mexico! 

     I got a chic pair of leather shoes and designed my own travel bag at their on site bag studio. It took only about 30 minutes for a custom made bag! 

    And get this, my name is engraved on it!  Woohoo! Who doesn't love a product with their name on it? 

    Had to share. I definitely recommend checking out their products.  XOXOX


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