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5 Trends to Look out for in 2017

2017 TrendCast 


For many people being "skinny as a twig" is the ideal image of female beauty. Not anymore. Lifestyle of Beauty loves that men and women realize that the fashion idea of what looks good is dangerously unhealthy. 


Too many people who try to attain the look of a "human toothpick" risk developing severe eating disorders that take a toll on the whole body aging it at least 5-10 years older than it is. 


2017 is about being fit, active, and healthy, making sure to eat a well-balanced diet of nutritious foods, and staying at a healthy weight for your body type.


First, it was eyelash extensions to avoid the tedious applications of false lashes, and now, if you’re sick of meticulously penciling in your eyebrows every morning, there’s the microblading trend. The treatment, which costs $700 and up, is sort of like a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. It’s the secret to why celebs look so great “without” makeup. The latest celeb to jump on this trend is Bella Thorne. She filmed herself getting the procedure done. Check it out.

Maxi Skirts paired with word art t-shirts 

Slogan tees are back. There was a variety of them seen on the runway shows at Christian Dior and Stella McCartney fashion shows. This year is about living out loud; whether you want to make a political statement or let the world know you're super sassy, let your shirt do the talking for you. Paired with a maxi skirt, you'll portray a look of boldness and feminism.

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Plant Based Burgers that “bleed.” 

But don't freak out. It is not real blood.😭

Culinary Pros have figured out a way to mimic meat.

Thanks to beets, these alternative meat burgers have a similar reddish hue, thickness, tenderness, and “bloody” juiciness that so many meat lovers enjoy. This is good news for both vegans as the plant-based burgers will save a cow or two, and for meat lovers, this is a healthier alternative to eating red meat consistently. Could this be their new salad?

Girls Night In 

Staying home is the new going out. 2017 “going out on my couch” involves Netflix, HBO, tea, or wine, depending on preference. 


With stressful school and work schedules, millennials would rather chill out after a crazy week. It’s all about self-care. 


Pinterest researcher Larkin Brown confirms, “Self-care searches are up 121%.”

“Girls night in is trending upwards 35% year over year,” she says. It’s all about recharging.   

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