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The Bag Every Woman Should Own

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The perfect clutch is essential for every girl's wardrobe

It gives the impression that you're carefree and don't come with a lot of baggage. A clutch holds only the necessities-wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, cell phone, credit cards. It doesn't overwhelm an ensemble the way a tote or satchel might


Style setters like Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss are super-fans of the adaptable clutch, pairing it with everything from denim and tailored shorts to sleek and fancy dresses.
Kate Moss Leopard Jacket and yellow clutch

Victoria Beckham all black with clutch

What is the perfect clutch? 

Definitely, a clutch that can go from a hot date night to a low-key, casual Friday. 

The good news: virtually any daytime clutch becomes nighttime simply by adding a swipe of bright lipstick and stilettos. Try to avoid bags with a lot of noise ex. Studs, chains, and sequence. These clutches usually are design features that are solely for evening bags. Choose a bag that's simple in style and color. 

Think of the kind of bag you would wear to a black-tie event or an evening dinner.

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