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    Are you making these 6 Flat Iron Mistakes?

    Sunday, October 20, 2019

    6 mistakes you're making with your flat iron 

    1) Ironing wet hair: 

    There’s a reason hair dressers tell you not to comb your hair wet.  It's at its most vulnerable when it’s wet. Brushing and then applying heat to wet hair is a recipe for disaster.  

    2)  Using flat irons that are way too big: 

     Hair tends to be the curliest at the root/hairline and big irons make it nearly impossible to reach them. It is recommended to use a one inch ceramic or tourmaline flat iron. 

    3)  Setting the heat too high: 

     Hair can burn just like your skin — you just can’t feel it! “450 degrees is too high. 410 works on every hair type.” -Nathaniel Hawkins, hairstylist

    4)  Running the flat iron over hair too many times: 

     Heat depletes moisture and natural oils from the hair making it weak and breakable.  The less time heat is on the hair the better. Use a strong straightening serum and brush your hair as straight as possible before ironing.

    5) Forgetting a thermal protector

    Heat protectants are not a marketing ploy. They do a great job at coating the hair and removing frizz. Apply before and after straightening your hair. 

    6) Pulling straight down: 

    This is the easiest way to flat iron hair, but pulling hair straight down makes hair flat and not the sexy flat, just pancake flat. Try moving your arm in a c shape as you move down the hair this motion creates a boost of volume. 

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