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6 Effortless Ways to Lose Weight and Feel Happy

Effortless Ways To Lose A Little Weight 

A Pennsylvania University study suggests that losing just 8% of your body weight (If you're overweight) can ease depression, often in as little as 14 weeks. When you start to lose weight, your brain starts producing more of the feel-good hormones.  Check out these six effortless ways to lose weight.
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1. Japanese studies and a study from Cornell University showed that enjoying one cup of raspberries a day could shed up to four pounds in 30 days. 


2. Eating bites of food while preparing dinner causes you to eat 57% fewer calories. "Having a small snack before dinner shuts down hunger triggers to the brain and controls food cravings" - Brian Wansink Ph.D
3. Focus on what you're eating and try to avoid multitasking. Mindless eating causes you to eat up to 22% more calories. 
4. According to Karen Van Proeye, Ph.D. Working out on an empty stomach produces a hormone that burns fat. If you tend to feel sick or weak, eat a small handful of nuts, an egg, or a banana before your workout. The body will burn the food calories first, so make sure the snack isn't high in calories. 
5. Dimming the lights and playing soft music while eating causes you to eat 22% less food. 
6. Use smaller BLUE plates, and you'll eat 24% less and still feel satisfied. 

Bonus idea: List the top 5 reasons you want to lose weight and post it where you'll see it every day. 

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