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Get Healthy with Herbes de Provence

Magical Health Benefits of Herbes de Provence 

Herbes de Provence is a robust mixture of herbs made famous in the southeastern region of France and has been used for centuries by chefs in the French countryside. 


This mixture of herbs brings the delicious authentic flavors of southern France to many of our favorite dishes, and Lifestyle of Beauty just found out about all of its researched healing properties. Herbs de Provence is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, and when eaten together, their health benefits are doubled. We’ll be sprinkling the spice on everything from salads, soups to bad relationships!

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The Mixture of Magical Herbs 

Sage: Eases PMS symptoms like irritability and mood swings, reduces anxiety, and helps control hot flashes from menopause. 


Lavender: prevents indigestion, calms a nervous stomach, eases ulcers and IBS 


Bay Leaf: Reduces acne, strengthens and whitens teeth, helps improve insulin function.


Oregano: Kills bacteria, and according to Cornell University research, it can destroy 100% of bacteria on contact. 


Marjoram: This herb is loaded with Vitamin K, a nutrient needed to build strong bones, and research shows it eases symptoms of arthritis 


Dill: great for embarrassing bloating and tummy troubles 


Tarragon: Strengthen blood vessel walls, boost circulation, help lower cholesterol, one of the few natural sources of rutin. 


Summer Savory: Mood regulator, eases anxiety, lowers blood pressure 


Herbes de Provence

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