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    Go Ahead And Add Actress to Adele's Many Talents

    Sunday, November 22, 2015
    What’s the coolest thing that could happen to a room full of Adele impersonators?  How about Adele showing up undercover as a nervous nanny?!  

    The ‘Hello’ singer  who  sold over 900k copies of her album ’25’ in ONE DAY  on  iTunes- put on a prosthetic nose, chin,  threw on some gloves to hide her tattoos and renamed herself “Jenny, the nanny" for her BBC special with Graham Norton. 

    After some  solid acting and mixed reactions from the group- “Jenny"   took stage. It didn’t take long for the group  to realize  they had a super-star in the room. Their reactions went from confusion to tears... Simply priceless.

                           Check out the video below. 

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