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The Hangover Cure

Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Best Way To Cure A Nasty Hangover 😫

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Drunk girls falling

Did someone slip a hangover in your drink last night? Well, we've got you covered. Follow these hangover tips to alleviate the pain. You'll feel better, and I'm sure "you'll never drink again," right? 😆


Step 1: Pop ibuprofen. It eases headaches and body aches and may reduce alcohol-related inflammation.


Step 2: Water. Water. Water. DUH! Dehydration makes hangover symptoms worse. The more you drink, the better you'll feel. Water removes toxins out of your system faster.


Step 3: If you can get out of bed, Walk briskly or do a 10-minute aerobic video. Increasing blood flow to your liver and kidneys helps move the alcohol out of your system faster. (This is also helpful for cold/congestion)


Step 4: Pop a B-100 supplement! B vitamins promote healing in the body. Alcohol soaks up B vitamins pretty quickly, and it's also a good idea to take one before you drink. 

Graph of what happens to the body drinking