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    How to Achieve Salon-Quality Color at Home:

    Monday, June 10, 2019
    YES! It’s true!  It IS possible to ditch the expensive salon visit this month and color hair at home. 

    Follow these simple hair dye tips to achieve salon quality locks for a fraction of the price.  

    1)When choosing a store bought hair dye, it’s best to stay two shades lighter or two shades darker than your natural hair color.  For a drastic change: Black hair to light blonde- Stick with a stylist. The color can be maintained at home. 

    2) Do a deep conditioning treatment then don’t wash hair for three to four days before coloring.Dirty, well conditioned hair, accepts color better and the natural oils in the hair protects the hair from damage.  

    3) Use a shower cap and blow dryer-Heat speeds up the coloring process and lightens the hair better. 

    4) When dying hair for the first time, saturate all of the hair and leave on until desired color is achieved.  Two boxes may be needed.  
    For touch ups,  hair dye should be applied to the roots first. Set a timer five or ten minutes before developing time, add a tablespoon of shampoo to the hair dye, then put through the rest of the hair and leave on for the last five to ten minutes.  The added shampoo will protect color, add shine, boost color,  and prevent over- processing. 

    5) Hair dye isn’t created equal.  Do some research. Read reviews from people with the same hair type.  I have an oily scalp and dry ends.  I find Clairol works amazing for me. Check out the video and GOOD LUCK! 

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